Browser(s) issues

Hi guys,
I've been having this issue with my web browsers. I can't view ada-young pastebins or follow any links to

These are the results :
Okay apparently I can't put weblink images on this thread

I get the results in both Google Chrome and (ew I know) Internet explorer. I deleted/redownloaded Chrome in hopes it would put whatever I was missing back into place but with no luck. I individually went through all my drivers last night and they are all up to date.

Any suggestions?


  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    The solution is to stop using Chrome. j/k

    Sometimes, I've found that my connection doesn't work for certain sites but works for others. in as far as connectivity goes, everything else seems to be working. I couldn't really tell you why. But if I restart my router and flush dns, it usually works fine after.

  • What is up with the little orange exclamation mark over Chrome's button?

    Have you tried pasteboard?

    If all fails, you can try to see if the Developer Console in Chrome gives you more info.
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  • Pretty sure that means she can update chrome.
  • I can’t see the pictures ... but chrome is very much up to date. I’ll have to try Skyes solution as this morning I noticed I couldn’t open them on my phone either.
  • Skye's answer fixed it. That was super weird.
  • Anyone know why I cannot attach a libre office writer paper to the forums here. What format does it need to be in.
  • Just post it to pastebin, ada, or Dropbox and post the link.

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