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Script Dump

GilliamGilliam Member Posts: 108 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
People have liked my thingies in the past so here are a bunch and I'll add more as I make them if they're things people seem interested in.

Pervasion Highlightshttps://ada-young.appspot.com/pastebin/fYRHCSmH

Guard City/Type/Effects highlightshttps://ada-young.appspot.com/pastebin/wTrBHo9s (highlight colour changes according to QWC colours)

Fracture Affliction Relapsinghttps://ada-young.appspot.com/pastebin/regU31-q

KSLC (limb counter. theoretically all classes but never finished it 'cause lines are annoying to gather. code is there if you wanna add yours)

Have fun!


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