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Hey guys, considering making a return to IRE games after a few years of not playing. Haven't played Achaea before so trying to figure out what class would be best.

My favorite classes in the other games were always Lusternia's wiccan and guardian classes (especially Nihilist) -- less for the entities than for the timing and strategic burst affliction usage. I also really enjoy classes that reward creativity and reading the opponent well. Anything that feels like those classes would be great for me.

I've been playing around with a Depthswalker which seems possibly interesting, but curious what other classes might be worth looking at (I don't really mind making this character a throwaway if a different class seems like a better fit). Some classes look familiar from Aetolia, but there are others that I can't quite figure out what they do (Alchemist? Blademaster? Shikudo monk?)

Ideally the class would be viable in 1v1 and at least somewhat useful in groups on a moderate credit budget (let's say ~2000cr). What classes should I be looking at?


  • I want to really say Jester but...
  • Prex said:
     (Alchemist? Blademaster? Shikudo monk?)

    Alchemist: Affliction class. Use alchemical elements and manipulate the fluids in one's body. Use chemicals to manipulate group battles in your favour. Also, dose yourself up with super-serum to kill people before you die. Horribly. Finishers: turn to gold(mana+hp threshold requirement, Alchemy-based) or cause total organ failure(Physiology-based, requires fluid manipulation to set up) Not sure about specifics. Not an Alchemist myself.

    Blademaster: Limb-class with an iaido theme. Very mobile, potent 1v1 and group melee class at the expense of sub-par ranged group utility due to lack of ranged attacks. Finisher based on reaching a certain bleed threshold. 

    Shikudo Monk: Alternative monk path(requires Transcended Tekura to obtain). Think Tahtetso from Lusternia, with their staff weapons to augment their martial arts skill. No experience with this, sorry.

  • Mathilda said:
    I want to really say Jester but...
    But the ridiculous flavor, or something else?
  • Trick based class able to eventually kill most things unartied. Flavour outdated and Puppetry (mindless repetitive fashioning of a puppet) doesn't fit current "meta". 

    Bound for a redesign.
  • I love Jester and have had it since I created Sobby back in 2004, I've been fiercely defensive of it until recently when I've tried to get back into combat again with it, it doesn' fit with all the current classes and changes, especially the fashion mechanic. Which is a shame, I've love it to stay the same but know it needs some changes. 

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I think I'd like the idea of Puppetry more if it was less like Vodun (voodoo doll manipulation makes sense for shaman) and more of a pet class skill.

    Would be neat to instead build and manipulate a pet puppet creation that does things for the Jester or assists in combat. Bonus points for being able to dress them up and customize them based on your order, city, or whatever strikes your fancy.

    I just have a thing for puppet master classes, ever since FFX's Lulu or Ogre Battle 64.
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