testing attacks on myself

Is there a way to do this?

Aetolia used to have a survival skill for it. Before that I vaguely remember using either paranoia or dementia (purposely not curing it), to let me target myself. Don't remember which, and I don't remember whether that ever worked in Achaea.

I've just tried it with paranoia and that didn't work. Figured it is easier to ask if there is a way to hit myself here. Or any other way to test PVP attacks without bothering other players (at the moment I'm just testing that aliases actually work, and balance times etc - later when testing actual combos I'll have to get real people, of course).

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  • You are in eleusis, just slap AFK people :D.

    Other than that, not sure if the quisalis etc training dummies can, or if they are just bashing attack testing. 
  • Clumsiness was the aff that used to let you do that. Nowadays you gotta do it on players.

    Just slap Tysandr or Lyrin, they don't mind. I lost count of how many times I accidentally killed Lyrin while testing skullbash setups. Haven't killed Tysandr yet though, almost have a few times but he alt tabs back to achaea just in time.
  • I get a spidey sense when you lock me...

    That or the sound from your Discord PMs :D
    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

  • You’re right, it was clumsiness. Paranoia was used as a defence against something, maybe a force unenemy or something. I definitely had a curing toggle for it in my early Aetolia system.
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