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Hi folks. Total new player to Achaea and Iron realms. I have played muds in the past, mostly simutronics dragonrealms for a few years.
I like the pvp outlook here. So I'm in for the long haul.

A few things are very confusing to me currently, but I'll figure most of those out, they didnt cost me any money.

 However, I did buy one of the no brainer lesson packs, and that was pretty straight forward. Then I purchased the cheapest globe pack not knowing anything about it, still don't to be frank. I opened it up and got some sovereigns, wood commodities and ginseng. Okay.... What Im not understanding is why do they fall to the ground when I log out? Thats a bit unnerving for a new player spending cash. It seems to have been returned to me, but still. What do I do with that stuff? Also, theres an interlocked cache in my backpack, when I try to wield it, it says its fate belongs to another. When I try to open it it says;

This cache cannot be opened for that talisman set.
Options are blackwave and races.

No idea... can't find anything about it on a google search, so please help me understand these things.

Thanks and cya.


  • ok, for all curatives and commodities, you want to INR ALL to ensure they are stored in your rift, HELP RIFT will teach you more, but it's like a portable wormhole solely for commodities, curatives, inks and a few other knick knacks!

    For the cache: You want to OPEN CACHE <blackwave or races>, so OPEN CACHE BLACKWAVE or OPEN CACHE RACES. 

    I'll speak to you further in game though ^_^
  • Ok... first up: 'inr all' - puts everything riftable in your rift. That's your comms / herbs etc.

    Cache's open for talisman pieces. In this case you would 'OPEN CACHE <blackwave/races>' and you will get talisman pieces from those talisman sets. 

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    Some people will buy the cache from you, unopened, with credits. If you open it you can either save the pieces to complete the sets, sell the pieces to another adventurer or redeem them for bound credits.
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  • Awesome. Thanks to both of you!  :)
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