Artie bows worth it for a runie?

Title says it all. When I'm not a shaman, I'm a runewarden. I'm going to start getting into group combat, defending mostly to start off, and I'm wondering if an artie bow would serve me well. I prefer the thought of LoS combat over melee in groups. All the noise really puts me off. I'm also a dragon, and I'd like to know if I'd be more useful in dragonform than with say... an eventual lupine bow. After those questions no doubt it's clear I don't particularly know what I'm doing, so, please feel free to explain like you're talking to a total beginner as far as group stuff goes.


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    Plenty of arties to get before a bow. If you want to LoS and you're a Dragon, use that. Breathstream breaks shields/prismatic, as well as does silly amounts of damage. And is still great if you do end up needing to melee, can't really go wrong with Dragon in groups- as boring as it can be.

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    The only problem with using Breathstream as a Dragon is you can't be a Runie, I know that sounds obvious, but there are plenty if reasons to be your lesserform class in raids. I got a lvl 1 purely so i could customise it and not have to worry about decays, also -very- useful in certain situations and has gotten me a kill 1 v 1 a fair few times. Of course, Meteor arrows always useful too.

    Bows =  useful. But as Pyori says, there are better arties to get for a Runie before a bow, but certainly make sure you have one at hand. 

    Edit - If you don't have a rough runestone yet for faster sketching, get that. 100%

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  • Sobriquet said:

    Edit - If you don't have a rough runestone yet for faster sketching, get that. 100%

    Slightly off-topic, but how well does the rough runestone work? Does it cut the sketch time by 25%, 50%, etc.?

  • 50%, if I recall correctly. Well worth buying.
  • If effects ground runes only. Not including thurisaz othala and hugalez i belueve
  • Also hunting runes. It is absolutely worth it.
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  • Bow is definitely worth it in my opinion. There are going to be the defensive artefacts you're going to want to purchase first. But, bows play a big part in raiding/defending.

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