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Hi. Dunno anything about Achaea. Know enough about Aetolia that wandering around is quite trippy. Especially Eleusis.

Couple questions:

About classes... are there some generally considered easier to learn than others? Not that I don't have experience with IRE-style classes, but I don't have much time to play. For the same reason, not super-interested in PK, but I do like bashing. If I was going to keep my current one(Runewarden), what is a good race to play as? I realize there's always the option of choosing one that's interesting rp-wise, but I don't have strong preferences at the moment and class/stat compatibility I'd at least want to know about anyway.

Are there any sort of alliances between the cities, or does everyone generally hate everyone? If the latter, I still get the sense that some places hate Mhaldor, at least, more than others? Is that just due to current player conflicts?

Are there any particularly interesting quests?

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  • Tash’la is a great race for runies, vanguard gives you 14str and con, which is 16/16 with jera, weathering and trait. Runewarden is easily one of the best bashing classes as long as you don’t specialise in sword and shield.

    as for cities, no two cities are formally allied, and you’d have to ask each player and character their preference in their city dislikes and likes. Mhaldor has always copped a lot of ire but it’s the “bad guy city”, so people will naturally tend to be less inclined to like that.
  • Runewarden is an excellent class for PvE. It's naturally tanky without artifacts and it has some of the best DPS in the game. 

    As far as races go, there are four standouts: Tash'la, Dwarf, Trolls, and  Xoran.

    • Tash'la have the highest base con in the game, and therefore get the most health of any race.
    • Dwarves one less con than Tash'la, but have some natural resistances that make them take less damage.
    • Xorani have one less con than dwarves, but the most strength of any of the three. They're the best offensive race.
    • Trolls are slightly worse than Xorani(less int, more dex), but they're also a rather strong pick due to having the same high strength as the Xoran.

    Any of those four would be a good pick. Other races are viable if you really want to play them, but they're a bit weaker than these 4.
  • Xias said:
    I think Mhaldor does get a poor rap as the "bad guy" city but I feel it's a very subjective thing. In my character's eyes, there are far bigger fish to fry.

    Conflict between cities helps drive great RP which also helps against imbalances from allied powers. 

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with playing the 'bad guy'- I mean, I read the help files on the cities and picked 'the city of evil', so I feel like I was at least warned. Mostly the question came to confusion about my experiences trying to explore Eleusis and Targossas. The former yelled to get off their lawn lest I be enemied, while the city of light was... actually pretty nice? As a player, I expected the opposite! So considering that, I wasn't sure what to expect from Hashan, Cyrene, or Ashtan.
  • We are nice to non enemies! Enemies can get it tho

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • I'm sorry you felt that way about it. It is Eleusis policy to not allow Mhaldorians in the village, and novices are usually asked politely, but firmly, to leave. 

    Mhaldor is Eleusis' worst enemy, because of extermination, so interactions will tend to be tense, depending on the individual.
  • Mhaldor, on the other hand, let's Eleusian citizens in the city freely as long as they aren't enemied. But if are caught doing anything naughty, you will die.
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