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Hello guys! I've tried several times to get into Achaea with mixed success, so this is my nth attempt :) I've read up on the classes and I think I really like the idea of a 2H Paladin class. I was checking out the skills in the wiki and noticed Fervour only seemingly works with dual wield. Is this really the case? Are there any other gotchas to be aware of when picking a 2H Paladin? How does it fare compared to the other weapon specializations? Are Paladins a good choice for casual play(not too much time to invest in the game), or would I need to grind out to a really high level first?

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  • If you want to hunt, pick anything but SNB.

    It's awful

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  •  All the specs are good for Paladin.

    In order of easiest to most complicated I would put 2H, DWC, S&B.

    Paladins get extra damage due to demon rite and Inspiration. Without arties you can get to 20 strength, which is enough to pretty much guarantee a DSB death.

    2H will be great hunting and mediocre group fights, great 1v1.

    DWC is good/great hunting, good group, good 1v1.

    S&B is bad hunting, great group, great 1v1. You won't do a ton of damage in groups, but you'll be able to make opponents cry with hinder and stopping movement. 

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    Thank you very much for the answers! This description from the wiki is why I was wondering about Fervour:

    You have gained such control over your devotion that you are now able to perform certain rites immediately after doubleslashing, razeslashing, or razing your opponent. A devotion ability particular to the Paladin class.
  • Likely just needs to be typod, probably wasn’t updated post weaponmastery introduction.

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  • Fervour works with 2H Slaughter I think.
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