Best class for bashing - No arties/small investment

Combat will Likely never be a goal for me, but if a combative class also has amazing bashing I'm open to suggestions. 

I am cityless, and houseless/clanless, but not adverse to joining a city if there are restrictions on some of the better hunting classes. My currrent race is tash'la,  but I still have a reincarnation and If you can suggest a good race to go with the class/a good stat spread to go with it i'd be glad to hop into the fire.

I won't be buying artifacts for a long time I imagine, and I wont have the no brainer packs till I can convince my grandma to buy em for me (Likely never, or till my grades go up alot lol) My question is, what class can I be to hunt my way up to dragonhood that dosent require artifacts to shine, and also dosent need much of a lesson investment to be effective at hunting.  A bit of utility would be nice as well, but realistically I'll spend most of my time hunting and Roleplaying/wandering around and exploring anyways.


  • 2H Runewarden would be great, especially with being Tash'la. Single weapon needed for hunting, fullplate and hunting runes. Not to mention Raido to help get home quick.

    Targ will have some hunting restrictions but they are so light it's not going to make any difference to you.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Targ only has a few restrictions and only one of them is particularly meaningful, you can still bash most everywhere.

    And, yeah, going to second 2h Runewarden. Great DPS, innate tankiness, and the offense is almost entirely frontloaded into Weaponmastery so a single-trans knight has almost all of their offensive punch. 
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