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Hi all. It's been around 12-15 years, best as I can tell (what year did Aetolia start?). Bored with Aetolia, in particular the pvp and lack of population in my timezone, so I'm toying with rolling a char here with some retirement credits. I'll kick around on Cal for a while first, might help me decide what class/city if I do decide to stay on.

The whole system thing here is a bit overwhelming. So many choices and they all seem so well written. Complete opposite of Aetolia, so that's nice.

That said, could someone please explain the various choices (svof, wsys, trex, ???) and also any of the other major packages that work in parallel (gui, hunting etc).

I'd like to use and support svof but it's bloody huge. I don't think I have the time to figure out how it works, let alone contribute. So maybe I'm better off with one of the others. I'll probably end up using my own GUI, or adding to an existing one at the least.

Any advice for someone that is intermediate at lua and does tinker around with stuff? I'm happy fixing/adding things for myself, but don't have time to start fresh. Just want to dive in and play.


  • One of my friends let me use their affliction tracker and then I have a few basic prompt scripts to track my status via gmcp and some other ones to execute prio swaps (which are nowhere near as arcane or frequent as Aetolian prio swaps need to be).

    You don't need to use a pre-built system because the game has nowhere near the weird code-gating complexity that Aetolia has. The complexity comes from elsewhere.
  • Svof's got a ton of features you can tap into to really make your life easier - I'd recommend giving it a try. It has pretty good documentation to boot.
  • Svof is the best choice for working out of the box and if you don't like coding.

    Wsys offers more to the person who likes tweaking their system, since svof's easily-editable version is still in testing and currently requires you to tweak stuff outside mudlet.

    Never tried trex
  • Yeah, I've got svof running at the moment, but I haven't had the chance to see what it does yet, aside from pausing it because I have no equipment. So I'll definitely see what's what with svof but I was just curious about the others and what their niche places actually are.
  • Like Kiet said, SVOF is for someone who wants something that works without a lot of augmentation on their end.

    Wsys and Trex are both the opposite. They work, but current available copies will need some tweaks to get running at full tilt. Overall, if you are okay at reading code and coding, then these two should work for you. If not, then go with SVOF.

    Only initial issue I have with SVOF is that the stock priorities are pretty bad, so look into those and ask questions to make sure you have the best initial setup you can get.

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    Does anyone have experience with T-Rex? I used Wundersys before, what would it need for updates?
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    Holy hell..  CALED!
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    The following (if I remember properly, it's been a while) are additional issues with the most recent version of WunderSys:
    1. Whichever afflictions that were added with the Elemental Lords are not supported.
    2. Parry handling might need a bit of work and is definitely missing at least one trigger.
    3. Pretty much all of the pipe handling stuff should be disabled because server-side curing handles it now and it just causes problems for people
    There are a bunch of other things that should be rewritten to just wrap the server-side curing features that didn't exist at the time but do now. There are a few things about the game's systems and GMCP that discouraged me from getting too far into that. Guess this last bit isn't strictly necessary though.

    If someone is interested in doing updates I'm happy to help. I just don't know what afflictions were added or what their priorities should be.
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