Monster Hunter Worlds

Anyone else excited for the release this Friday?! I haven't played since Generations on the 3DS but I quite enjoyed it, minus the questionable connections for multi-player.

If anyone else is going to play, feel free to add me on PSN; my name is Codewarlock.

If you haven't ever played, I highly recommend checking it out ( ). They've fixed a lot of "gripes" with the old games and seemed to really pull it together for a more seamless experience. Plus, you can play 100% online or offline, if you so choose.

About to tear up some dinosaurs and dragons with my hunting horn, though I may give the hammer a try again!


  • Will be a day 1 purchase for me on PC, a long time from now. :/
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  • Yeah, it sucks they are waiting so long on PC release to "make sure the beat optimization is chosen". Late 2018 is so far away
  • Been wanting to get into Monster Hunter for a while, but so many games to finish and Achaea is taking up so much time I can't really justify the purchase.

    So I will buy it and sit it on my shelf for a while :tongue:
  • Never played the series before, but it looks interesting. Someone explain the gameplay to me a bit? Like, I see you can take down big dinosaurs and dragons and shit. Cool. Anything to the game beyond just killing really big things? Like, can you -do- anything with the big things you kill?

  • @Antidas You kill giant monsters to get mats to build armour and weapons to kill gianter monsters.

    It is basically old school MMOs
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    Progression is based on killing large monsters to craft amazing gear. Better gear means you can take on stronger monsters etc

    There are 14 different weapon classes, each with their own style of gameplay. Enjoy fast pace poke and dodge? Dual blades might be right for you. Want to bludgeon a dragon to death? The Hammer is king. How about launch artillery fire from a distance to support allies? There is always the heavy bow gun ready and waiting.

    Each weapon can be upgraded with monster parts down a long tier system, with visuals updating based on how you climb the tree. Monster parts are collected from a variety of ways, be it sleeping them and harvesting bits, slaying them, or using specific weapons to cut off tails or bash off armor.

    Traditionally it's just a fun game you can hop into and engage in wild battles, be it a quick 5 minute monster capture or a crazy 30 minute romp against a god tier beast. Apparently this one will have more story and even voice lines, but the battles are where it really shines.
  • Not out for PC until Fall. No plans to release on Switch.

  • ^Agreed. I'd get it on switch/pc.
  • I'm deeeefinitely getting it. Been a huge fan since MH: Freedom Unite on PSP and have waited anxiously for a console release (that isn't wii). I'll be playing for sure! I've always loved the gathering and combining of materials to get items and gathering mats for gear.
  • This looks really interesting. May get it for PC

  • I am getting it when my shift finishes friday. My PSN is Khalas_Spirit.

    I'm crossing fingers the PC release comes with cross platform play. Otherwise might consider repurchasing.

  • Added you, @Siduri !

    I went ahead and purchased it on PSN since they happened to have a digital deluxe; I get out of work around 1:30/2:00 am Friday morning since we're doing a late Thursday night inventory for our main store. Pretty much I'll come home, download, and either start playing, or crash out and then wake up to play.

    By the gods, if they have crossplay, that would be so legit! It's my dream that one day most games will have that option, so I never have to worry about what platform I want to buy a good game on.
  • That'd be neat, yes. So far answers seem to point that it won't, but I hope for PC players because well, it'd suck to split the playerbase 3 way.

  • Worth noting: There is a guild system that will come with multiplayer. I'm planning on starting one for Achaeans when I get started.

  • Let me know what the name is--I'd be happy to join, plus a few other die hard MH friends that are always ready to help out!
  • Why no tandem PC launch, this game looks so good. :(
    Now I have to figure out if I want to buy it on PS4 or not.
  • The team didn't have the manpower to polish the PC version as much as it should be. This is going to be one hell of a pretty baby when it launches on PC (and no multiplayer costs).

  • That makes total sense, thanks Siduri. I honestly haven't been following this game, and only played one monster hunter game a loong time ago. But they always looked like so much fun. I may nab it on ps4 and join up with you guys if you don't mind having a scrub.
  • I've been following MH for years now, teamed with a few Achaeans in the past. Looking at you @Kei.
    I had a lot of gift certificates laying around, and that influenced wether I'd get MH World basically for free on PS4 or buy a new screen and wait months to use it.
    But the PC release is looking so mighty attractive...

  • Couple more hours! Trying to rush through this inventory so I can jump on.

    Game is downloaded and installed!
  • Interesting. I am torn between PC and PS. My PS gets next to no use, but PC is always much more comfortable to play on for me :/.
  • PS if you'd like to play it now. PC if you can wait 8 months  :/
  • The clan's name is Achaean Hunters. Sadly PSN is having issues so I might not be able to send invites before tomorrow.

  • I opted to sleep as soon as I got home last night and I had a few things to do in Targ this morning, so I'm just about to turn on the ol' PS and start against the character creation boss  :) I'll keep an eye out for invites or see if there is a search function.
  • So I bought it, PSN is BenevolentCow if anyone wants to hit me up. AU timezone though
  • I'l add ya once PSN decides to stop messing around  ;)
  • Do we have a discord group or anything for monster hunting Achaeans?
  • Maybe @Rom could create a room in the Achaea discord for Monster Hunter nerds?
  • Prolly! The clan system is super annoying as you can only invite players currently with you.

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    Yeah, it's so odd that an invite can't be sent through like a hunter mail system. Feels like a lost opportunity not to have a tucan or delivery bird to drop off a message!

    I must have missed ya when I joined your game--I jumped on for a moment just to see if you were there before logging off for a movie date.

    We will get it eventually though  :p
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