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  • The thing about the Veil, though, is that the Veil got a complete change in functionality. It was sold as something that was primarily a defensive artifact, and lots of people who bought one bought one for defensive reasons. They bought it so that they could avoid being located.

    The change to the Veil completely killed that; the Veil went from a defensive artifact to an offensive utility artifact with no defensive properties at all. If you're not interested in the offensive power, that is a straight up 100-0 nerf. 

    The Gem, on the other hand, didn't have that complete switch. It has a reduced level of functionality, sure, but it still serves the same basic purpose. 

    That's a huge difference, imo. The Gem is "You bought an SoA and they reduced the proc rate". The Veil is "You bought an SoA and they turned it into a minipet."
  • It's up to the devs, if they think there's enough of a positive feedback to offer a full refund to gems then they may do it. I already traded it in, but sometimes you have to take it on the chin and offer full refunds to make customers happier. Surprisingly making a customer happier will make them part with cash far quicker than making them feel they need to "make up" their losses, but this is entirely on the consumer itself, and not IRE or the dev's plate.
  • I hate to be that person, but reading this thread just reminded me of HELP CREDITS:

    Achaea is a functioning world, and while we guarantee you will not lose any of
    the credits you buy, no such guarantee can be provided for what you purchase
    with the credits themselves. Naturally, we wouldn't be in business very long if
    this happened frequently, but as it is a world, your actions have consequences,
    and the actions of others can result in consequences for you. It's this
    dynamism in the nature of the world that people enjoy about Achaea. Thus, it is
    possible that the perceived or real value of the things you purchase with
    credits, or your ability to use those things, may both rise and decline during
    the course of play.

    Feel free to ignore me.

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    That's been pointed out and addressed several times now, but ty.

    I really don't care if gem gets full refund or not. I want to know for sure if it'll get anything as appealing as veil, or if it's going to stay as is for the same price, effectively a massive decrease in power for no equivalent in cost.
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    I bought my gem over 10yrs ago as a Mark who hunting Annwyn and Underworld on a loop. I'm pretty satisfied I've had my money's worth with the intent behind he initial purchase. Would be interesting to see if they add any functionally to it though

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  • Bought an ultimate skin for my fav LoL champion. Champ got nerfed two seasons later. Did I ask for a refund cause my main got nerfed to the ground? Na. I was pretty upset but I didn't email them asking for a refund. Heck, they even wrote in their user agreement that the game was subject to change. 

    Same with WoW. If all of a sudden my class got redone and doesn't play like it used to anymore. I'm not gonna ask for a refund of all the subscription money spent on that character from the past 2-3 years. 
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    That post makes you sound extremely entitled. </quote>

    I believe when you are a paying customer you are entitled to a certain level of customer service, yes.

    <quote>Antidas says:
    I would argue that in doing so they motivate you to spend more money </quote>

    I agree fully.

    In fact when I wrote the Garden I told them exactly what I would spend the 400credits on, plus a 100 additional credits to buy a 500cr artefact, they said 'no'. In their original post they told the veil owners they could work out a refund if they were going to buy something else.  I didn't ask for simply a straight refund, I asked for the gem to put 400cr towards the purchase of another item.

    The way they handled this, made me feel very disregarded. The past 3 interactions I've had with the garden made me feel completely un-valued as a customer.

    I know you can't please everyone. Good customer service says 'you can't please everyone but when you can't, try to ease the pain a little.'  I'm not receiving good customer service. Are you?  Is it just me who has been sensing this decline?

    There are plenty of other worlds out there.  Why would I want to continue spending my money in one that doesn't appreciate the fact they have me as a customer?

    Tahquil says:
    It's more, you buy the TV from Walmart, you use it for a year then suddenly you can only use it for 10 minutes at a time until it shuts off. If you can return it just depends on the amount of time the warranty is listed as.

    Actually, it's more like, you and a buddy by a TV from Walmart.  He buys the 62" and you buy the 32". We use it for a year, and then suddenly his becomes a bunny, and mine will only show Telemundo.  So we go back to Walmart and they say to him 'here's a full refund, would you like to buy our newer TV?' and to me they say 'meh, we'll give you 60% of your purchase cost.' to which I reply 'can I trade it in for a bigger screen for more credit?' and they say 'no, go away.'

    That's how it felt anyway.

    At a certain point, yeah, all of this is entitled whining. We should all be happy with what we get and take it, OR if we can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    I'm trying to voice my disatisfaction to give IRE the chance to save me as a customer. I'm hoping they are not relying on any addiction, or the 'but I've invested so much into this character' attitude to compel me to remain as an unsatisfied customer.

    And no, this one tiny issue isn't enough to bother me.  It's been a succession of events over a period of years.  Maybe I'm alone.  I just feel like the garden does things like this without considering the impact on the customer or listening to our feedback.

    In my job, when I am about to enact a change I consider 'how upset is this going to make everyone?' And if I misjudge the level of customer satisfaction and there's a big backlash, I could lose my job.

    I'm giving backlash.  I first tried respectful emails, explaining where I stand. Now I'm asking the forums if I'm alone on this. 

    It appears I'm not 100% alone, and that's reassuring.


  • I think you're alone here.

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    Rane said:
    That post makes you sound extremely entitled. </quote>

    I believe when you are a paying customer you are entitled to a certain level of customer service, yes.
    You're already wrong, at this point in your argument.

    Like I say to people in WoW who pose this argument, the only thing you're entitled to is the things you pay for. In this case, it is the gem that you paid for, which you got. You're not entitled to anything more than that, sorry. Regardless of how you think, that is the reality of it. That is what the point of Atalkez's post was.

    Rane said:

    Maybe I'm alone.  I just feel like the garden does things like this without considering the impact on the customer or listening to our feedback.
    You should probably read the huge post Nicola made when she announced the changes, before trying to attack them in this kind of way. This kind of attitude helps nobody, including yourself.
  • Rane, I get you, and I completely understand feeling a bit screwed over by this in general. I also completely understand feeling slighted from a customer satisfaction point of view, but ultimately the garden has to prioritize game health over individual feelings sometimes. I personally feel the garden takes great consideration with changes, and has shown that our feedback matters, though that doesn't mean they will always budge on decisions (nor should they). 

    The point where you kinda lost me was when you started urging people in game to file mass ISSUE ME's over this all to voice dissatisfaction. All that solves is bogging down the staff and irking people. There are far healthier and constructive avenues to have this sort of discourse. 
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    Saeva said:
    Lol whose ass are people trying to kiss by saying customers aren’t entitled to opinions in so far as how the money they spent on a product became nullified? 

    I have always worked in customer service and hospitality and this is 100% to be expected and not crazy.
    Nobody's said you're not entitled to your opinion.

    Your opinion on something can, however, be classed as wrong. People got what they paid for, at the time of paying for it. Knowing full well the possibility that the usage may or may not change somewhere down the road. Knowing full well the policy when it came to refunds. Yet still are trying to paint IRE in a bad light over it.

    Comparing things in these games, to a TV or something brought at Walmart, is also already wrong. Walmart tends to have warranties on their product, in the event something becomes dysfunctional. IRE does not.
  • You made a purchase, you used that purchase for a period of time and then it changes. If you got a full refund on that purchase, you would of essentially got the use of that period of time for free. How is that fair to the rest of us? If I had of known I could use a gem for 10 years for free and then get a full refund I would of bought it. But I didn't. You didn't know it would be changed, fair enough, but that doesn't change the fact that you used to presumably for longer than the 30 days they gave you a full refund on, and you got that use for essentially 130 credits because you are trading it in.
  • @Rane: I can't offer you anything our support team hasn't already regarding the gem, but if you've had customer service issues outside of this situation, you can drop myself or Nicola an email and we'll definitely look into those cases. Its very important to us that our customers get the best support we can offer.

  • It's shocking to me how people treat make-pretend currency that has 0 legal value according to the ToS
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    how tf do you all keep derailing this thread into refunds

    current gem sucks, I don't know in what universe it's good. There's like 5 people that like it as it is, almost everyone I know that had one traded it in or is waiting for possible changes to trade it in. Hiding your location from thirdeye is niche for most people and hardly worth 400 credits.
  • Aegoth said:
    It's shocking to me how people treat make-pretend currency that has 0 legal value according to the ToS
    The problem stems because people pay with very real legal currency, it just gets converted to pretend currency in the middle of the transaction.

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  • Thanks makarios I will take you up on that.  

    I agree with kiet.  
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I like the gem the way it is now.

    I do frequently get annoyed at the influx of random tells, but as someone that does pop into Crusades or does occasionally go through Annwyn, I like that it still works the same as ever in treacherous planes with no time limit. It’s still a defensive artefact and I’m quite happy with it still permanently taking me off the Who B list for third eye as well.

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  • The treacherous plane feature is pretty pointless because anyone with a veil can just auto fullsense and then auto farsee you in a list while they afk on guards.
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    I'm one of those waiting around for possible changes otherwise I'm trading it in.  I simply don't use it now, I didn't even want it before the nerf TBH. 

    Has anyone purchased a new gem since the change?  That is how I would dictate value, heck people have been trading it in for 264 credits so clearly the value is below that.
  • I bought one yesterday.
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  • If gem gave chameleon either once an hour or just constant but random, that would be more than fair
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