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Looking for Rp, with some character spisifics mixed in.

Renvore doesn't have his memery, the first thing he can remember is waking up in a cell with a horable headache and a lump on his head, he doesn't remember where his home is, he doesn't remember where his family is, he doesn't remember anything. I am hoping, if any of you think you might find this interesting, if someone he knew before all this found him, and weather they told him or not, reestablished a relationship with him.

I honestly do not know if I will ever have him start to remember, anything, but want to get these starting conections forged and see how they play out. Thanks to anyone who takes an interest in this, and to anyone who reads it at all.


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    Generally in game, in character is how the best relationships are made for families. Spending time with people to ensure that their personal quirks align with yours is also a good idea. Ending up with a family that doesn't have the same set of morals that your character does can be hard to roleplay and have a drive for interaction with.

    Cross-city families are rare for the start, so in your home city is a good place to start with interactions and if you find someone that really calls to you, go for that and build a relationship. 

    @Torinn and I generally joke that the cell must come with some heavy-handed knock out gas with memory wiping possibilities because practically no one remembers their family before then. Memories are always easily 'filled in' when you find a group of people that fit your play style and what you look for in a family. 

    Good luck with all of that.
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