Comparing paladin and monk

I have both low level paladin and monk chars, but am not sure witch I prefure, I was wondering what you guies can tell me about how they match up. spisificly I am wondering how much scripting both need, I want very little, what rp restrictions they both might have, and witch is more flexable, as in what can I do with the background.


  • 1. Looking at the skills, their main combat skills (Weaponmastery vs Tekura/Shikudo) requires aliases flexible in limb target because you'll be doing limb breaks and possibly venoms with the Paladin. The other skills will need aliases and whatnot too, so there's that. Honestly it depends on what you're going to use and how much and how flexible you want to be in using those skills.

    2. Paladin is restricted to Targossas. Monk you can do whatever, it's the most flexible of the two. Paladins are knights that get their power from worshipping and following the Bloodsworn Gods (Deucalion and Aurora). Monk is a monk. Strong body, strong mind, strong spirit. You can really flavour it however (IE - all of your power comes from the Bloodsworn/Chaos Lords/Sartan. You've trained in the forest for many years with a master. You've been training at a dojo in cyrene for your childhood. Etc etc. ) I'm sure Paladin has some flexibility, but I don't know Targossas or Paladin.
  • thank you
  • MOnK will need a lo more arties to be viablee

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    Paladin is one of the three knight classes; Pally belonging to Targossas, Infernal to Mhaldor, and Rune Knights are free for where ever. If you're looking at a Knight class but don't want to pledge yourself to a particular dogma, try Rune Knight instead.

    Knights themselves have a variety of combat styles, are self-sufficient, and have the ability to wear full plate. I also found that they aren't heavily artefact reliant which can be nice for those who are sparse on cash. I also don't have a ton of scripting done--just a collection of shortcuts to cut down on keystrokes.

    I play a Paladin and absolutely love the RP that Targossas provides, as well as the city roles I'm able to participate in. But like I said, if you're wanting less of an RP hook, try Rune Knight. That way you can see which city you'll like the best and go from there.

    I've never played a Monk. I've heard the bashing is -ok- but where they really shine is in raids. Damn you Radiance...damn you.
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