Completely new to MUDs - comprehensive guide? class guides?

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So I am completely new to MUDs.  I played MMORPGs, but MUDs seem very different.
First off, I am not interested in PvP at all.  I want to avoid it if at all possible.  And I plan on playing the game solo in short bursts.  I get maybe an hour or so to play the game; and plan on logging in and PvEing myself most the time.
I read through the newbie guide, but as I read the forums I find a TON of terms that I really don't understand or see in the guide.
I made up a spreadsheet of all the class skills and abilities, read through all the abilities, but the descriptions seem very vague in many cases.
I've read through much of the class forum post, and there are some great posts listing strengths and weaknesses.
Are there any resources that list the strengths and weakness for EVERY class.
Honestly I would love to see a spreadsheet/matrix with 'class x every ability' - that way I could see everything at a glance.
Is there a list of all the artifacts and their abilities - I guess artifacts allow you to get abilities your class doesn't have.

For specific questions I'm clearly still searching for a class.  Achaea has an incredible list of classes, so I like the sound of many of them.  I'm typically attracted to caster classes, but occasionally try out melees and rogue type classes.
I think what I look for most in a classes is utility and having the broadest range in abilities.  I know no one class can do everything, but I am interested in the Jack-of-all-Trades type class if possible.  I am particularly interested in being able to move around unseen (shroud?  invisibility?).  I want to be able to by pass bad guys and players if I don't want to deal with them.  Second, I like being able to bounce around the world with teleport or something.
From what I've read the classes that I am most interested in are Occultist and Shaman; but honestly every class (but blademaster and paladin) sound cool.
Any suggestions?



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    I think one of the strength of Achaea is how things are not -numerical- clear and you have to find out in game. The main difference is the Immersion you  can achieve, and this approach helps that. 

    My suggestion is pick what seems fun to you and try them out. Search the help files for EMBRACE CLASS. Class changing is very forgiving before that.

    From what you said you might want to consider serpent as well.
  • First--most abilities are designed for pvp, not pve, so the full list of abilities of each class isn't always particularly useful for what you want.

    Second, most forms of 'invisibility' don't work on npcs. The exceptions are phase (serpent), astralform (occultist), and blackwind (apostate/infernal). Even these don't work on some of the super powerful npcs.

    You're not going to find a matrix or spreadsheet, most likely. That's a lot of work for no gain since the classes are more complex than 'this class does high dps' and 'this class is a tank.' There's also completely separate considerations for pvp and pve.

    Shaman has no real fast travel unless you have friends to make dolls of, and most of their utility is mostly for pvp.

    If you want a class that can bypass npc's, stealth around, move around the world quickly, and has a ton of utility, then occultist is your safest bet. Druid/sylvan are the other high utility classes, though they can't hide from npc's.
  • Thanks guys!

  • My recommendation is the same, get a class you like and start with it. Serpent is pretty good with stealth and can worm warp. But serpent is not caster. It is an affliction class. Most of your MMORPG expectation will differ alot with Achaea, it is really not what you think if you attempt a comparison with MMORPG. But once you are with Achaea, MMORPG seems so bland...
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