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talisman announce news!

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ANNOUNCE NEWS #4852                                     (12/09/2017 at 07:57)  
From   : Makarios, the Meticulous
To     : Everyone
Subject: A piece of news
I've just loaded up a major revamp of our talismans system. The major thing that has changed is that
we now track how you obtained a talisman piece (so via questing, bashing, promotions, forays etc). 
This is designated on your talisman pieces outputs (and on the talisman market outputs) by a letter 
denoting the type of source (so B is bashing, P is promotion, Q is questing, and F is forays).

So what does this mean for you:
- This does mean you now have to specify source when doing certain manipulations of pieces such as
trading (though in some cases this can just be ignored and the game will pick a random piece you 

- You can only combine pieces of the same source with one another, and a piece of x source will
split into pieces of the same source. This is to avoid the ability to generate promotional talisman 
pieces from ones obtained via bashing.

- You can complete talismans from mixed pieces. So if half your pieces are bashing pieces and half
are promotional pieces, that's absolutely fine.

So the burning question, what was the point?

One of the big complaints from players we hear with the talisman system (and a constant source of
frustration on our end too) is that talismans are either promotion locked or only available through 
non-promotional means. Under the new system we can add means to obtain pieces that would otherwise 
be only available in a promotion through standard game means (such as quests or forays, or bashing 
as with dragon and azatlan pieces). Pieces obtained in this way would not be redeemable for credits, 
but their promotional counterparts would be.

All pieces in the game have been converted to the new system. This is a fairly major change from how
we've handled pieces in the past, so if you notice any odd behaviour (particularly the ability to 
generate pieces or change the source of a piece), please bug it immediately and do not repeat 
whatever it is you did to achieve that result.

This is a god change, and one that has me incredibly excited. I've started to reach boiling point on talismans, and with how rare some can be to get your hands on. Sometimes, they also come in promotions, people spend extravagant amounts but you still find a few pieces excruciating to find, to a point where people can be waiting months to a year for one piece to finish something. I'm looking out to the changes, but this looks awesome, and is definitely a step in the absolute right direction.

I still don't mind a few handy talismans cash gated, but things like the mayan figurine being as expensive as it can be, and used SOLELY for bashing was a pain, and I personally hate that people are so hardlocked out of it if they don't have the cash or mercantile skills. Keep up the good work guys, and hopefully this doesn't fade into the annals of achaean history and gives us reasons to foray/hunt super deadly stuff/do more group and city combat etc etc.

Edit - Zulah beat me, disregard :D.

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