Race abilities - which ones are useful?

Could someone describe the racial abilities and how useful they are?  I tend to like racials that provide abilities rather than just bonuses.
Are their any racial abilities that can't be performed with spells/items?  I think I will be an Occultist btw.
Horval body armor useful?  So is actual armor better?  Do all classes have the ability to wear any armor?
Horval leap - what is this?
Is the Grook waterbreathing/swimming/regen decent?
Is Atavian flying useful? 
What is the Mhun movement bonus?  I guess I dont really understand movement yet in MUDs yet.



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    Hi Aggra. There are a few abilities worth noting in racial actives. The horkval leap can be very handy assuming you don't have access to a leap type ability outside of it. Allowing you to leap over walls as opposed to tumbling in some scenarios. Someone else will need to comment on the specifics of horkval armour. Grook regen/waterbreathing is nice if you're fighting in water which may not be that often. However grook does offer a high intellect specialisation which is great for occultist. Atavian flying can be handy. Especially early on but most people will learn riding at some point and get a mount to achieve the same. However if you're dismounted you still have access to fly as an atavian. Finally the mhun movement speed, or celerity, bonus. Essentially if you're moving quickly you may get a message saying you're moving too hastily and need to wait a short period before you can move again. This bonus adds 1 move before you encounter that. It's actually quite noticeable. 
  • Thanks much for the fast reply and great comments.

  • Siren's generally the best race for most int classes, imo, including occultist. Grook is a close second if you have a male char.
  • Horkval armour is somewhere between leather and ringmail in resistances, and since they can't wear regular armour it's generally best to only be horkval if you are a magi, monk, or bard, in terms of armour.
  • It’s better than leather, worse than ringmail.

    If you can wear anything above leather, you’re making a bad decision to go Horkval for resists.

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  • Sena,
    You wrote "Classes that give flying abilities are depthswalker, druid (only in certain morphs), jester, magi, occultist,"

    So Occultist has a flying spell?  I couldn't find it in the material I read so far.

  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Chariot tarot.
  • The chariot summoned by the chariot tarot has the ability to fly, working much like a flying mount but without requiring any riding skill.
  • Ahhh thanks! 

  • The chimera also serves as a flying mount unless that changed.
  • Kiet said:
    The chimera also serves as a flying mount unless that changed.
    For some reason I was thinking that it still required riding to fly with it, but now that I think about it, it probably doesn't (it's in the AB file after all). I didn't trans domination when I played an occultist so I've never actually used it.
  • Headstomp has an excellent practical use as a 2H with upset. Also, the endurance regen plus trans fitness means I never run out. 

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