Does it matter which combination of kicks and punches you use in PvE?

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  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
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    Yes. Unless something has changed, sidekick and uppercuts are your best bet.
    Huh. Neat.


  • Any combination of MNK/SDK + HFP/SPP/UCP will give you equivalent results. Other attacks will all result in a loss of performance.
  • I've definitely found mind crush superior if you end up tri trans, going con spec horkval will still be slower though, so you'll have to be a slightly squishier race to make it work, but monks do have solid battlerage (and from memory, they can afflict what they need to smack with their hardest hitting attack too).
  • Minifie said:
    (and from memory, they can afflict what they need to smack with their hardest hitting attack too).
    That was fixed a few days after battlerage was implemented.
  • Hey all,
    Sorry to bring up an old thread here. I haven't played in awhile and I was wondering if bashing with mind crush is a pretty viable option?  I ask because I have a SoA I would prefer to keep. Was told this would be the only route and was wondering what race/traits I would need to pull it off..or if I can at all
  • DupreDupre M.
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    See the "PVE Analysis" thread

    It's worse than shikudo, better than tekura

    Daeir said:
    Anecdotally speaking, mind crush feels pretty great on telepathy-specced monks. 17 int aldar+rain+quickwitted reduces it to about 2.4-2.5s, which means you're getting a warp/decay tier high damage attack at a medium damage attack's speed. Had great success holding mana prio with splitmind and boosted regen up and transmuting on every attack, was able to solo 2-3 mob rooms with little difficulty in Azdun Catacombs at a reasonable speed.

    You can also stay in Shikudo rain, unequip the staff, wield an SoA and swiftmount too, which is pretty nice. You have to dismount to raze if you're so inclined, or hold off on aff-battlerage attacks to use the brage shatter instead.

    You could probably cheese this further with numbness and transmute burning (aka: taking with numbness and then using a timer to transmute most of your mana pool to health once it finishes) to take on stuff that most lesserform classes wouldn't touch with a 10ft barge pole.
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