Staff of Nicator in 850: The journey from zero to hero.



  • This was the most fun I've had reading a forum thread ever. Keep it up, mate.
  • It's 5am, I just spent the last 8+ hours on Achaea first to be raided like 12 versus 5. Then put the shoe on the other foot and did just about the same to them. I don't think we went in more than double their defenders, but certainly had more numbers.

    I fucking hate hate hate this cycle. All the ganking, the toxicity, the lopsided fights.

    It feels like way back in 2001 someone made an honest mistake and hit someone while they were dueling and the misunderstanding snowballed for 21 years and now the only thing anyone knows anymore is the other guy is the asshole and they are completely justified for being an asshole right back.

    This is supposed to be a game, it's suposed to be fun. I just want some fair fights, just want to be able to show some fucking sportsmanship instead of everything being toxic.

    I've been working my ass off to put together some upcoming events in Hashan (which we'll probably get raided during anyways) but I think when those are done I'm going to take a week off from Achaea. That's just where I'm at, needing to take a vacation from a fucking game.

    This is horseshit.

    P.S. To the turdmancer who sent me tells to gloat after winning 12 to 5, if you could softly tongue punch my bhole that'll be great.
  • Welp I tried to bring the pot back down to a simmer, but fuck me amirite?
  • Augtavian said:
    Welp I tried to bring the pot back down to a simmer, but fuck me amirite?

  • I'm having a very difficult time lately giving a fuck about this game. I started playing Starmourn again and remember what a vastly superior game it is. So many systems I wish Achaea had. If only more people would play it now.
  • You may have noticed I'm not competing in the 902 games. The tl;dr is that I'm a filthy casual and I don't have the drive to make the attempt.

    Right now all I want out of Achaea is to get my renown, try new things, see my friends and flirt with the text wife. I combat when I want to, and skip it when I don't. I play about two hours a day and that's a good amount for me.

    I started a clan for people to find groups to do forays with. I've done my best to make it a welcoming place for everyone to come get their forays in. It's probably safe to say by now that the clan has generated hundreds of thousands of renown. As long as there are forays and achaea I'm confident that the Foray Soiree will be my legacy. A little something I did to make everyone's lives a little easier. If I ever decide to retire augs, or stop playing, or Shia LaBeouf buries a hatchet in the back of my skull while I'm walking through the woods on a foggy night I think the clan will live on.

    Bringing people together like that in the game makes me happy. There is already enough tribalism in real life, I don't need more of it in my fantasy life.

    Anyways. Achaea is a game and it's not worth getting heated about. I'm gonna play it the way I want to. Staff of Nicator 952? Maybe, if I feel like it.
  • I thought it'd be fun to translate a few common Achaea terms:

    Infamy: A system in which those who have spent thousands of dollars are led to feel justified in their purchase. If you've been playing Achaea since President Bush you also get the ability to know when the person you're about to gank has a piping hot cup of coffee in their hands.

    Scapegoat: The staff. Once a person signs that IRE NDA they no longer have any feelings. It's okay to blame everything on them. It's probably their fault anyways.

    Woke: "Ugh I have to add a new pronoun to my scripts. These damn woke players" - Super dumb, super cringe.

    Loser: Anyone who enjoys the game differently than you do.

    Metagaming: I do it, but you shouldn't.

    Hypocrisy: Has no translation.

    Irony: See Hypocrisy. 
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