Help with Mudlet 3.5 and UserWindow

Been asking around, no one seems to know on Mudlet Clan so I wanted to ask here.

I have a number of UserWindows to pull stuff off my screen and put it into moveable windows.  They may not be pretty but they do what I need them to and I've grown accustomed to them.

Since I upgraded to Mudlet 3.5, when I log in, they all populate on the right side of the Mudlet screen, collapsed in a heap as they all try to fit in that one space.  I need them to be undockable and moveable because I am almost always on different size screens, sometimes dual monitor, sometimes not, sometimes laptop.  But any time I move them now, they crash Mudlet.  How do I fix this?
function inRoomPlayers()

openUserWindow("Players In Room")

oldRoomID = oldRoomID or 0
	if tonumber(gmcp.Room.Info.num)  ~= oldRoomID then

	playersInRoom = {}
		for k,v in pairs(gmcp.Room.Players) do
			if ~= then
				if not table.contains(playersInRoom, then
					table.insert(playersInRoom, --all the names go into this table
		oldRoomID = tonumber(gmcp.Room.Info.num)

	clearWindow("Players In Room")
	for k, v in ipairs(playersInRoom) do
		cecho("Players In Room", "\n    "..v)

I am in the process of fixing a LOT of the ugly old code, but first I need to know why this is crashing (and every other one of my windows) when I move them.


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