What's your favorite Runewarden spec, and why?

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I'm new to being a Runewarden and picking my specialisation, and I was wondering if I could hear your opinions!

My goals are 1v1 and Group Combat, and it seems that Runewarden is a strong pick for non-artied combat. The most I can spend on Achaea is likely to be the two No-Brainer Lesson Package(s). Most of the Runewarden threads in the specific class forum are very dated, so I was wondering if I could hear everyone's opinion with newer changes and current states in mind. Thanks in advance for sharing and helping me pick!


Oops, I also have some basic questions – like if Strength is more important than Constitution, and should affect race/specialisation/trait selection for people who will not have defensive artefacts.


  • SnB is generally considered better for 1v1, DWB is really good for 1v1 and groups but gets shoehorned into doing one thing, DWC is good for 1v1 and groups and is a lot more versatile than DWB, and 2h is good for 1v1, but imo, kind of crappy for groups.

    This is in addition to the usual RW kit, which is fairly decent.
  • Which do you like the flavor of, most?

    I was reading the scroll descriptions, and pulp sounds absolutely barbaric (awesome), haha.

    It sounds like every spec is considered good for 1v1, but SnB is better/best?
  • DWC and 2H are my favourites, slicing into your foes with unrivalled speed, then when they are prepared, i picture impaling them with both bladed, and disembowel involves twisting and pulling the blades out, cutting away so much flesh and expelling their insides.

    2h is just meaty, big hits, big hurt. Love it.
  • Probably SnB for the versatility and the wide range of things it can do, even if it's a touch mediocre in groups.
  • Between the three of them, which do you think is best with forged weapons? :)
  • SnB and DWC probably do better with forged over 2h and DWB. SnB for more 1v1 power, DWC for more group power.
  • DWC is king in groups. Affliction versatility, great damage, and lunge. SnB only has one of those and it's not even quite as good at that a lot of the time.
  • Wow @Antonius

    That is a cool chart for disembowel. I am choosing between DWC and DWB – which do you think is best? :)
  • With no arties, DWC. You can assist with afflictions in groups just fine, and if you don't do 1v1 (which DWB still relies on arties and str spec) you can go con and be a little more durable. Antonius may suggest otherwise, but personally the hardest part about being a knight for 1v1 is going strength, which means being rather frail.
  • SnB is cheapest with no arties, since the jump up in speed isn't so nuts between forged and level 1's.

    If you're able to get level 1's sometime, DWC is better for groups, since it gets lunge and has a couple nice synergy options with other classes that SnB doesn't get (i.e. salve cheese with magi, for example, or double delph nonsense in retardation).

    Both are very viable duelists. It's really a matter of flavour, I think. Which one is more enjoyable to you. 
  • SnB however, is extremely shit hunting.
  • Interesting!

    And just curious – let's say I can one day have a L3 sword, would 2H or SnB be better? Or are artefact swords not really worth it?
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    It's a huge improvement for 2h and really increases your power.

    It's a mediocre improvement for SnB, not really worth the cost. 

    For the price of a L3 sword, you could also get a pair of L2's for DWC/DWB, and those are both pretty strong options as well. SnB is really the only spec that doesn't see a large benefit from artifact weapons.
  • SnB artie swords aren’t worth it imo. Helps slightly with your damage and reduces your limb prep, but it’s not really better than forged for the most part.

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  • Would an SnB artie sword be worth it from an affliction speed perspective? Infernal SnB, if that makes a difference.
  • Atalkez said:
    SnB artie swords aren’t worth it imo. Helps slightly with your damage and reduces your limb prep, but it’s not really better than forged for the most part.
    I'm not even sure how accurate this is though sadly. Verrucht was testing with forged and his level 3 as SnB and and I think 3 out of 3 people broke on the exact same hit... kinda sad. Granted thats not a large sample size, but for 1600 cr I want 1 or 2 less hits to prep minimum.
  • No. The speed difference is very, very tiny.

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  • Atalkez said:
    No. The speed difference is very, very tiny.
    Ah yeah, but it seems like for 1600 cr Id like to break a little earlier too. :disappointed:
  • For the record, I was originally answering about Runewarden. If you're talking about Infernal, I'd probably avoid SnB. You have a nominal affliction advantage with Infestation, but it's not reliable enough to make up for what you lose via Runelore, and I'm not sure that it's a good way to take advantage of Infernal's strength.

    Namely, given how long it takes to prep with a longsword, and the fact that you can't hit with two venoms at once, you're missing out on the advantage of using the strongest skill in Necromancy, Vivisection, which really is kind of a big hit to how useful Infernal can be. For Infernals, I'd say the reliability order goes DwB > DwC > 2h > SnB.
  • Just want to add:

    It’s very inexpensive to change between the specs if you don’t have artefacts to give up. Try them all. 

    If you go SnB consider an SoA for 800 credits. Expensive but I couldn’t imagine being SnB without one. 

    However,I recommend 2H for you. Not only is it the  strongest hunting spec right now but you have access to @hakaido who is an excellent 2H combatant and great teacher. 
  • Runie 1v1 DWB is best imo. Group wise, DWC is definitely the best of all specs. 
  • Good to know about SnB not gaining much advantage from artie swords. I've been tempted with the spec switch artie but didn't want to have to shell out on new weapons.

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    Dochitha said:
    Runie 1v1 DWB is best imo. Group wise, DWC is definitely the best of all specs. 
    This is interesting!

    I was a little worried because I don't see any DWB Runewardens at all, and @Ziahra made me realize I will definitely need a teacher.

    Still, I've chosen DWB for now (since pulp just sounds so epic), and I'm working on the lessons I need to duel.

    I have learned:
    • Weaponmastery: Transcendental
    • Weaponry:  up to Parrying
    • Runelore: up to Jera
    • Chivalry: up to Weathering and Fitness
    • Survival: up to Clotting

    It looks like it will be a long time before I can trans all skills.. how do I choose between learning Chivalry and more Runelore? Which is better to learn first for dueling?

    Do I *need* Runeblades to do more damage and win fights? Is Fury necessary to do enough damage? Thanks for your help everyone :)
  • With pulp you don't 'need' fury, but runeblades make a massive difference, and I would highly recommend it if you can afford it.
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    Welcome to DWB. Runeblade gives massive difference, balance is quicker, but most noticeably is the speed of your prep is increased as it does 10%? more limb damage. Definitely use fury during 1v1. I also use fury during short trips of hunting. Fury +2 str is so good is like free artie.

    So yeah maybe put more lessons into Runelore cos Algiz will make you so much tankier. I think  your chivalry investment is good enough, but my novice guidance is not very good... You will want to use morningstars to hunt, and flails for combat, though, flails for hunting is good enough as well if you can't afford morningstars proficiency yet.

    Going deeper into combat, you will learn to switch both weapons to maximize prep and provide you with more strategies. I can be contacted in game, I am a DWB a lot now. I wrote a guide on DWB in Cyrene Academy of Combat which has successfully created a pretty scary DWB who then went inactive... any how, join Cyrene  haha!
  • Nice, okay.

    Thanks @Solnir and @Dochitha!

    I noticed that there L1 artefacts are 350 credits, which does not seem too far away.

    Does that include two blunt weapons, or is that just one?

    Which is better L1 artefacts, or spending those credits on lessons to get Runeblades?
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    Easy enough decision. Trans your skills first, they give you more benefits than Arty weapons. Even if you are going artied, defensive Arties should take priority in your consideration too. So, get runeblade it is like L1 Arty or close. Answering your question, 350cr is for single weapon, you need to buy a pair...
  • Awesome!

    Thank you!!!

    I have now learned: 
    • Weaponmastery: Transcendental
    • Runelore: up to Runeblades & Runicarmour
    • Chivalry: up to Darkbows
    • Survival: up to Clotting
    • Weaponry:  up to Parrying
    Should future credits be used for artefacts now? if so, which ones? :)
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