Runewarden or Sentinel?

I've always liked playing a ranger in dnd but im not sure which of these classes to pick. They both seem like they have aspects of a ranger to them so im just wondering what the general opinion is of them. I'd like to get into pvp and get dragon and im not sure what city i want to be in but as far as investment and quality for killing both people and things which am i better off with?


  • Serpent has the stealth/bows part of ranger, Sentinel has the nature/traps/stealth part (tho not as stealthy as serpent) and Runewarden has the dual wield/bows feel although it's full plate so doesn't really feel like a ranger at all to me.

    Sentinel is restricted to Eleusis. Runewarden can go anywhere. Runewarden is great unartied and has 4 specs to choose from. Both are fine in PvP, but Runewarden probably requires less investment and scales better with lots of arties, plus it is the king of unartied bashing. I love the Sentinel aesthetic and play style and basically everything about the class but I still recommend Runewarden for what you want.
  • Is there like a full list of skills for either of them or maybe some pvp logs somewhere I could check out?
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    This might help for skills, though some might be missing or not updated, unsure. Sentinel and Runie haven't changed a whole lot recently so should be up to date:

    Logs you can find in the Combat section of the forum (the 'Combat Logs' thread was originally for ganks but seems to have turned into just any logs, so start there) or by searching for the class you're looking for. You can also pick out some of the attack lines from those logs and search them on since those logs usually aren't tagged with the classes.

    edit: some of the skills on the wiki just give you the HELP listing (i.e. HELP WOODLORE), you can actually use GMCP to read the AB files unless that's changed. There might be a link in @Antonius signature for the script (I'm not sure because I have signatures off) and it's only for Mudlet. Otherwise if you ask around, I'm sure people would dump the ab files to pastebin

    edit2: also check the class specific subforums for advice threads pertinent to those classes. Generally those class forums are a bit of a graveyard, but there's some decent advice in there that's still relevant

  • runewarden because you can't join Mhaldor as a sentinel...
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