[Mudlet (3.1+)] MP3 Player/Playlist Manager

I've been working on a mp3 player of sorts. Of course Mudlet can handle more than just mp3, but it is the name I stuck on it. This makes it pretty easy to select individual sound files or entire folders of sound files to add them to a playlist that is maintained within a table. This is a very early project of mine and more will be added in the future. Its essentially allows you to have your music without a ton of tabs open while coding which is an annoyance for me and to change your sound file/song on the fly while hunting. Requires Mudlet version 3.1+. I expect errors as it is very early, but please do me a favor and share your errors you receive so I can work on fixing any.


mp3 add song - Brings up file dialogue. Navigate to the sound file and select it to add it.
***Only sound files or you will likely get errors.***

mp3 add folder - Brings up file dialogue, but instead lets you select a whole folder.
***Please be careful that the folder you select does not contain any other types of files.***

mp3 remove # - Useful for cleaning up your playlist without wiping it entirely. Also useful in the case you added any non-sound files.

mp3 show playlist - Shows your numbered playlist. Currently shows the file path for each file so please name your files.

mp3 play # - Plays the selected file. The # portion should coincide with what you want to play from mp3 show playlist.

mp3 play playlist [#} - Without specifying a number the playlist will begin at the first song and play through. If you include the additional argument of a number the playlist will start at that point.

mp3 stop - This will stop all sounds.
***Currently there is no way to pause a sound in Mudlet. Only start/stop. Stopping a song via this alias or the GUI will require whatever sound is played next to be played from the beginning.***

mp3 skip - Skips to the next song in your playlist. If you had played a single song prior it will play the next song and then stop. If you were playing the entire playlist then it will skip your current song, move on to the next, and resume the playlist from there.

mp3 clear playlist!!! - Yes, the !!! is required. This will wipe your entire playlist so please only use it if you intend to make a new playlist from scratch.

mp3 gui - This will toggle the GUI. You can also hide the GUI via the hide button.

You will likely need to run mp3 gui alias once on the first install, but should not have to after that. If you have any other issues please let me know!

Future features to be added:
-Random Playlist Feature
-Pause functionality should Mudlet allow for it in the future.
-Perhaps a more developed GUI, but I rather like the minimalist look.

Download Here


  • Fixed a few small errors. Previous link went 404. New link here.
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    Wish I hadn't titled this 3.1 since it just moved to a 3.2 requirement! Quite a bit of work put into this today.


    -Added a help file that can be viewed by doing either mp3 or mp3 help. Thanks to @Kayeil for helping with the formatting of this.

    -Added a function to allow for going back in your playlist.

    -Updated the GUI to allow for a back button as well as updated all buttons from plain text to unicode.

    -Failsafed a few things to hopefully prevent other errors.

    -Reworked GUI to hook in install and load events so you should no longer have to run mp3 gui alias when you first import it.

    -Numerous other small fixes.

    Let me know if you have any issues and I'll sort them out! Link in 2nd post should still work Thanks!
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