Line of Sight(city raids/defense)



  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    yes, throw javelins at the jesters and bards.  Just not at your friendly neighborhood runewarden  :#  :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
  • I'm not sure that should be the case anymore, could be something worth classleading at some point.

    That said, I do still feel like one javelin throw should be worth more than two handaxe throws, given that it takes longer than two handaxe throws worth of balance (4.7s vs 2s, nimble without knife thrower for L3s of both), and delivers only one venom in that time.
  • Not to mention the sub par to-hit means you're fairly likely to miss anyway.
  • Just dive in and Annihilate like a real man.
  • Mizik said:
    Just dive in and Annihilate like a real man.
    You know this got buffed, and am Artie released to make the procc  change higher? They still never go he direction I want them to go though

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
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