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So I was sitting on my couch, eating dinner, while watching Little Witch Academia (great anime on Netflix) and there were a few times were Akko, the protagonist, references or utilizes trading cards featuring her role-model witch, Chariot Du Nord. The cards themselves were very cool and ornate looking, and each one had a blurb about Chariot and things she has done during her rise to power/stardom.

And that got me thinking: what if Achaea had a trading card system?

In my head, for simplicity sake, I picture something similar to Harry Potter--specifically the Chocolate Frog cards. How cool would it be to visit a denizen and buy a box that included a chocolate and a card that featured an Adventurer?

Some of my thoughts

- Packs would be purchased for gold by a denizen. Each pack would contain a chocolate (or whatever) plus one random card.

- Cards would feature adventurers; for the initial launch, each city-state could vote on one of their own to be immortalized on a card. Future "batches" or releases could utilize a game wide voting system held once or twice a real year, where a new 10 or so adventurers get added in. Perhaps an excited card enthusiast denizen could start up a shop in Delos, who will become the main point of contact.

- Those chosen for cards would send in a draft of what their pose would be on the front of the card, and a small blurb on the back; the blurb could be a small paragraph of one of their favorite memories, a speech, a joke--whatever fully encompasses their personality. Additionally, a marker noting the year or batch/set would be added to tell cards apart from eachother.

- Adventurers can be made into a card more than once (perhaps set a rule for no back to back picks), with each card being visually different, with a different blurb on the back--showing off different aspects of a character's life. One might be when they became the leader of their city, another might be when they first began their journey, another might be fighting monsters or casting a spell, etc.

- Once again, the cards themselves wouldn't do anything other than become a neat collectible. I suppose a battle function could be added in the future, if it is even possible, but I'd be happy with just collecting and trading with people.

- Rarities could be tagged on certain cards based on a person's notoriety or popularity in game. The more well known a person is, the higher their rarity. Other cards could be thrown into the "set" or "batch" to help offset rarities, to include Gods & Goddesses, well known denizens, or even locations/items if you want to break the mold from just people.

- Extras can be traded to people collecting or sold to card collecting denizens for smaller sums of gold. If rarities are added, the higher ones could sell for quite a bit--almost like a lotto system but nothing game breaking. There could even be quests involving trading cards around the world!

- Premium card packs could also be sold for a small sum of credits; premium packs might include multiple cards per box (3 or so?) to include promo or limited run cards ("Shiny Sarapis!"), along with a special chocolate that increases a random stat or provides an exp boost for an Achaean month. Something to offset the use of credits but is still fun and useful.

- Cards that immortalize a special event would be a fun prize too, reminding people of what they went through during an event. 

Those are all my ideas so far. I think it would be a fun way to interact with everyone again, not just in our own cities.


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    Lusternia has a game like this, it's called 'Fate' and plays like Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. You buy 'decks' that have static cards in them, though. It's just the hand you draw from them when you initiate is random (both players play from the same deck, too)

    MKO also have a version, called... Tri-something... Which played like Tetra Master from FF9.

    I miss both of them :(

    I had something halfway coded for the former at some point, ended up getting rid of it because meh.
  • That's what I was thinking if it did become a battle game! Triple Triad is my absolute favorite--it's one of those games that is easy to play but hard to master.
  • gwent pls
  • Improve talismans trading and availability first plz....
  • in imperian, there was an artefact card table that let you play texas hold em poker (desert poker) go fish and various other card game. i wish achaea had that here.
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  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    There's Texas hold 'em in New Thera.
  • Perhaps easier to code would be for them to allow us to have customisable card decks. Thus it operates like a journal where you edit each page as the card. Still, even that seems like a fair bit to develop. 
  • The hold'em in new thera is pretty broken tho afaik.
  • Like I said, for simplicity sake, a battle system doesn't need to be initially created.

    I think having fun little keepsakes featuring names of people in game would be fun. A new player might collect a card and wonder how the adventurer is and actually travel to meet them and ask more questions or even seek mentorship. Fun RP ideas!
  • I think figurines can fill this role well enough (we just need to have more of adventurers), having both figurines and trading cards seems a little redundant.
  • I have only seen figurines in stores so I haven't had much interaction yet with what they can do. If the figurines can be expanded to have a larger player role, that would be neat too!
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