[NEXUS] Bow Script by Frederich

Well, since I didn't get to making this before the deadline was over, I guess it's kind of null-and-void to submit it for it!

Oh well.

An archery script for NEXUS!

Right now it only has 3 venoms programed in, but more are easily added if you follow the same generic set up as the others. (Though I can add more venom support if you want, just ask!)

Right now it supports curare, kalmia, and prefarar with their colors tied to a certain set.

Red = Curare = STC <direction>
Blue = Prefarar = STP <direction>
Green = Kalmia = STK <direction>

It will also announce shields/prismatic, timewell/ret in the location (or your room), or along the path to the target.

It has support for meteors (and if it breaks shield).

Version 1.0 (this link will be updated as needed!)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7lq5557yos28wq/Reflex Package Bow 2017-10-13.nxs?dl=0
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