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Is cull or reap better for hunting as a Depthswalker? 

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  • What are the different trait combinations and appropriate race specializations for this class? 

    A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Hey, girl."

    A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Are you an Apostate? ..because you just tore my heart out."

  • @Antreus constitution I believe is still the king. Tash'la and dwarf sport the highest con with 16 and 15, Respectively. I heard there were changes to some things with dex, making it more relevant but I think it is only worth with a good amount of levels and artefacts. 

    Traits are usually nimble, robust and health inspector(pvp) or lucky(pve) 

    My information might be outdated a tad but this is what I remember being told. A depthswalker in your city might be able to shed some light on the most recent changes. 
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