Password incorrect... but it's not incorrect.

edited October 2017 in Tech Support
I'm unable to log into the client on any character--I keep getting a "Password incorrect" error. I tried a bunch of different passwords when it started happening, thinking maybe I'd had a brain glitch, but I eventually just reset the password. No dice.

I can use the portals, so obviously the password reset went through, but I can't seem to log into the game client. I'm worried that my attempts at guessing my password triggered an IP ban, but I don't know the particulars about that sort of thing in IRE.


  • It sounds like you've triggered the temporary ban, it's a security measure to prevent brute force attempts at hacking a login. The character will become available in a few hours.
  • I just used a VPN to check and that appears to be the result. I'll hop off the VPN so I don't get in trouble for being sneaky and suddenly teleporting to Vancouver from Louisiana. Thanks for the answer, Nicola!
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