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What weapon/shield combo is best for sentinel (hunting)

FoshaFosha Posts: 1Member
I am a sentinel and I hunt with spear and shield.  I've been eyeing a shield of absorption.  Before I buy it, I want to know if using a shield is the right thing to do.  I saw someone else (runewarden?) hunting with a battleaxe in each hand and was impressed.  Can I do something like that?  Or is it a class skill? 

Also, I've heard some reference to "sentinels and their hand axes".  I'm guessing that's player combat?  I tried a hand axe for hunting and I was pitiful.  Of course I haven't learned my skirmishing skills past thrust (like throwing) so maybe that was the problem??  Or is it that hunting is completely different that combat?  The little I've tried combat maul worked much better than thrust, but for hunting the reverse is true.

So should I be hunting like I have been?  Or with some combination of two weapons?

And of less importance, what about combat?

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  • LyrinLyrin Posts: 179Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    edited October 2017
    Without taking crits into account, handaxe and spear seem to do the same damage per second.   The advantage of axe comes into play at higher levels where more frequent attacks with lower base damage mean less wasted damage (overkill) when big crits roll in.   Attacking faster also means that you have more time to bail out if things start to look bad when you're hunting.

    The downside of hunting with an axe is that you have to have a wielded spear to use the bore and skewer battlerage attacks.   This means that you either stop using a shield and wield axe/spear or you continue to use axe/shield and include battlerage attacks in your hunting attack when you regain balance from the previous attack.   I.e.: unwield axe/wield spear/bore X/unwield spear/wield axe/throw axe at X to use your battlerage shield break while using an axe.  

    All this doesn't really matter until you get to high levels and want to optimize hunting around critical hits.   Until then, spear/shield is a fine choice.

    edit:   using an axe to hunt also drains endurance fairly quickly whereas the endurance drain with thrust is barely noticable.
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