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how do you get to judgement mountain

DanouDanou Posts: 1Member
i would like to join the monastery but don't know how


  • ExelethrilExelethril Posts: 3,322Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A

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  • SynbiosSynbios Posts: 4,561Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Joking aside, Judgement Mountain is located in Meropis, so prepare for a long and dangerous trip.

  • XadenXaden Posts: 2,315Member @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Should also not that while you can chill out there and RP as a member of that monastery , you have no mechanical way to actually join it. Unless you just mean you want to go there to learn stick-monk. In which case; have at it.
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  • SolnirSolnir Posts: 715Member ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Have at it as long as you've spoken to other people to realize the limitations and consequences that come with changing specialisations.
  • AliezeAlieze Posts: 15Member ✭✭ - Stalwart
    How many miles to Babylon?
    Three score miles and ten.
    Can I get there by candlelight?
    Yes, and back again.
    If your heels are nimble and light,
    You may get there by candlelight.

    Judgment Mountain has too many syllables to slip in sadly.
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