Artefact Packages

Did I miss something? Where have they gone and why? I miss those globes!


  • New month, new promotion

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • The Artefact Packages (Globes) were the August promotion. September's promotion is a 40% (50% with Iron Elite) bonus on credit purchases, plus a Mayan crown for every 100 credits bought (not including the bonus credits), plus a ticket for the next Iron Lottery drawing for every 10 credits bought.

    Game-specific Iron Lottery drawings will happen on the 9th, 16th and 23rd, with a chance to win 1000 credits. All tickets also go into an IRE wide drawing at the end of the month, with a chance to win 10,000 credits.

    Even if you win nothing on the lottery drawings, a purchase of 2000 credits with Iron Elite would get you an extra 1,000 credits, plus 20 crowns (valued at 30 per, that's another 600 credits). The current promotion is worth about an 80% bonus, which is far better than any other one I remember.
  • I assume that the no brainer credit package doesn't give you the crowns or tickets?

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • No, tried. :(
  • No-brainer doesn't count for any promotions as I learned during Logosmas

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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