Year 750 World Games - Ship Arena Battle - Recorded by Mercer aboard the Arctic Fox

For the impatient, the action starts at about: 07:07 in the video. Please watch in full screen HD, particularly if you have a tiny monitor.

Ships and Players Participating:

Yard and Fundament - Pirate Sea Strider
Captain: Jinsun ( Pirates of Meropis / Ashtan )
Crew: Tianondria ( Pirates of Meropis / Ashtan ), Akhunaga ( Pirates of Meropis / Ashtan ), Klendathu ( Ashtan )

TLS Defiance - Mhaldorian Sea Strider
Captain: Alrena ( Mhaldor )
Crew: Kiet ( Mhaldor ), Reyson ( Mhaldor ), Seortiae ( Mhaldor )

The Bad Idea - Targossan / Mariner Sea Strider
Captain: Greys ( Targossas / Sefyric Mariners Guild )
Crew: Naomh ( Cyrene / Sefyric Mariners Guild ), Kayeil ( Cyrene / Sefyric Mariners Guild ), Kogan ( Cyrene / Sefyric Mariners Guild )

Arctic Fox - Eleusian Sea Strider
Captain: Mercer ( Eleusis / Sefyric Mariners Guild / the person recording this video )
Crew: None.

The battle began at 1am pacific standard time. The prize for the winning ship was a free artefact ammunition rack of the captains choice. In this battle, Mhaldor and the Pirates are effectively allied, as are Targossas and Eleusis. This is due mostly to the politics of the game, but is also about strategy.

Please keep in mind this video was made after the fact via a screen recorder and the mudlet replay function, which is sadly rather limited. I had no prior experience with it and was unaware that floating windows/gui, GMCP information, echos, prompts, commands and some full colours would not be displayed or not be displayed properly. My combat system is actually a lot cleaner than this... really.

I certainly made a lot of mistakes during the battle, which will now be immortalized for all to see. :) Keep in mind I was the only captain without a crew though, and I had to wear a lot of hats during the long fight. And in my defense, it was 2 in the bloody morning by the time the final battle with Greys took place. I make no excuses, he won fair and square, but it won't be that way next time!

I offer my highest compliments to Mhaldor for, as always, giving us one Hell of a good fight.

I hope this video encourages more players on Achaea to get involved in the seafaring system and ship combat in general. Particularly Eleusian players.

Please watch this in full screen HD. If the music gets to be too much, just mute it. If you can identify the final tune I used at the end of the video, congratulations, you are officially old!

For the un-initiated watching this, it will make more sense if you keep in mind that aiming a weapon or clearing a weapon/figurehead that has become entangled by spidershot/starshot is a "channeled action". Taking any other action, including giving other commands like turning or adjusting speed, breaks the process and forces you to start over again. This is why having a player crew is advisable whenever possible. But we go to war with the crew we have... or don't have.

This event was a lot of fun, and I want to thank the administration of Achaea for running it!


  • I really wanted the video to appear in the post, but it seems there is no way to do this with dailymotion videos as I am told is possible with youtube. I did try youtube first, but Google wants me to sign a blood contract with Satan and give them DNA as well promise them my firstborn to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, and even after that, would not let me do it.

    Any chance this functionality could be included for dailymotion at some future time @Sarapis and @Tecton ? As a hosting site for Achaea related videos, it seems a lot more friendly.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Is this zMud?
  • Krypton said:
    Is this zMud?
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Oh, nice! Didn't know you could get the wilderness map in-line on mudlet
  • Krypton said:
    Oh, nice! Didn't know you could get the wilderness map in-line on mudlet
    You can, but as I mention in the lengthy description, what you are seeing here is a mudlet REPLAY using the replay function. If you have windows, special prompts, GMCP, echos, complex colours etc, none of those show up. My screen doesn't really look like this while sailing. It also cuts off some colours on lines where I have more than one colour in use.

    Hopefully the quality is good enough for people to at least enjoy it though and get a taste of what a big ship battle is like.
  • Finally got around to seeing it @Mercer. Exciting catch though I keep seeing how I was messing up! Didn't know you had also burned through your endurance should have told me as I would have let you take a nap!
  • That was cool to watch, it was more pleasing than reading a copy/pasted log. Thanks @Mercer :)
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    Can you upload the actual replay to dropbox or something? It'd be cool to see it with my own highlights and stuff.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
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