Mushclient - Keegan Mapper

I'm using Keegan's map/mapper for MUSH, I origionaly had the exits set to orange so I could see them, but then I wanted to change the color...

mapper settings exit_col <R> <G> <B> - Color of exits.

^Thats the command, and I tried just putting 1 2 3 in, and now I can't see the exits, I think they're all black now. I just want a brighter color that I can see, does anyone know how to fix this.

And before anyone suggests it, I can't use Mudlet, I need to get a new computer first...


  • Well, if RGB represents typical color codes, then yeah, you made it all but black. Try 255 140 0
  • Thank you! But I need it just a little brighter, exits going East, West, Up, and Down are all bright enough, but for some reason every other direction is really dark, and in some places I can't see them against the black background of the mapper...
  • Sorry, I can't help you there. Never used the mapper myself
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