Suggested client for map making?

I've tried CMUD and Mudlet, but neither seems satisfactory.  CMUD has a decent interface, but has been throwing up errors frequently.  Mudlet's mapper seems downright awful.  Are there any other clients out there that have a decent mapping system?


  • edited September 2017
    Mudlet's mapper probably is the best, and is not even close to 'downright awful' if you learn how to actually map with it properly. That said, it does take some effort to do so. You can just use MCONFIG CROWDMAP ON to not need to make your own map, though.
  • I'll take another look at Mudlet, but it certainly gives a poor first impression.  It's a real visual downgrade from CMUD's mapper, and the interface is pretty frustrating.
  • Mudlet's visuals can be tweaked, as far as I know, it just requires a lot more fiddling to get it pretty.
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