Itinerant Bazaar Y750



  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    I didn't notice anything new at Bazaar 3. Did anyone else?
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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    They probably didn't do the exclusive items per bazaar because they were running a gachapon game on the visages. I didn't manage to stay up for the third round. I made it till like 12:30am my time, then I broke and thought "I'm just gonna lie down a little bit". When the alarm rang I just silenced it and rolled back over >_>

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    mind you, I don't think there's anything wrong* with having an IC gachapon feature that's based on gold. It's a nice way to make people feed gold back into the game.

    *Not addicted to gachapon games at all. Does not have a problem that needs intervention.

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
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    Incidentally, the talisman system we have here is basically a derivative of 'complete gacha' and is illegal in Japan >_>

  • Does that mean you can't buy caches if you live in Japan? Do we need attorneys to clarify the stances here?
  • As best I can tell, several of the visages only became available at later Bazaars. Parni and Catarin didn't exist until the second, and Nicator wasn't available in the pool until the third. I could be wrong on that, but it's seemed consistent with the anecdotal evidence I've heard from people.

    I'll be honest, I personally like the system a lot better then the large, changing item of the last several bazaars, this one was much easier to actually be able to participate in the market for. Though I do wish they'd just released them all at first, rather then creating artificial scarcity for a few of them
  • I can confirm that the full set of visages was available from the very first day.
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    Well, wrong I was! Probability's just being a jerk, I guess.
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Armali said:
    Does that mean you can't buy caches if you live in Japan? Do we need attorneys to clarify the stances here?
    Haha It's probably only applicable to Japanese games that are being developed and marketed in Japan with Japan-based servers like their own mobile games and such. Unless IRE decides it really really wants to make JP version of their muds, they're probably fine. 

    /not a lawyer

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