Questions regarding my class choice and "bashing"

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Hi everybody! Achaea (so far) seems like a great game with some great people, and I'm really excited to dig deep into it!

Now, here's my little dilemma. Over the past several days, I've played a multitude of classes (everything except Jester and Sylvan). I've played them to around level 35-40 to get a feel for them, maybe note some little things I like or dislike. I figured I liked monks and blademasters the most, so I decided to play a monk to 51. Monks just don't feel... competent.

What do I mean? First and foremost, I'm talking about "bashing" (hunting monsters, I think this means. Someone correct me if I'm wrong), not PvP which I haven't even dipped my toes in. Monks feel really weak, maybe a bit stronger than the heavy armour classes. They also feel really squishy. To be fair, I haven't spent any money and I'm totally willing to if it means my character doesn't suck. However, I'm not willing to spend $1000 bucks for my guy to be mediocre.

So, before I spend money, can any experienced monks tell me if it gets any better after lots of time and cash? Or am I just better off playing blademaster? Am I better off playing neither?

EDIT: Shoot, I forgot about the class-specific forums. I guess I should have posted there, my bad.

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  • Well, that's unfortunate. Thanks for the answers! I think I'll stick with monk, it'll make it that much sweeter when I'm a high level.

    @Xaden About the Knights, does SnB mean Sword 'n' Board? Funnily enough, that was the style I tried.
  • Yes, SnB is Sword n' Board, and it is extremely ineffective at hunting. 

    Mindshell's recent thread (link below) compares hunting effectiveness across many different classes, but take it with a grain of salt as he is testing with maxed artefacts for each class.
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    SNB hunting is horrendous, just don't even make the attempt

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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