Picking class, race and finding mentor


I want to pick the best possible class and race against PVE and PVP. Also looking for some advice what skills I should learn and so on but in easy language which I can understand as newbie (without specific shortcuts). I'm looking also for mentor in game.



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    There's no best class.

    You should be finding a mentor in-game, join a city/house. An OOC mentor will likely be useless when they can't even interact with you in-game because it's against their city's law or whatever.
  • What means OOC?
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    "Out of character", meaning in real life/forums.

    You should be getting a mentor "IC" (in character), meaning as Sarven, in the game, likely from your city/Housemates.
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