Advice for Sentinel hunter - what skills to learn

I'm a novice sentinel and have about 550 lessons to spend.  I'm not interest in combat, just hunting.  I know metamorphosis through icewrym,  survival through clotting,  expert avoidance, woodlore through barkskin, and tattoos through moss.  Left to my own ignorance, I would spend the rest on avoidance.  Any comments or suggestions?


  • You want thrust in skirmishing for hunting.
  • Thanks.  How does thrust work?  Does it replace or supplement my morphed attack (claw, maul, whatever)?  It sounds like it replaces the attack I'm using now, which makes me wonder what was the point of spending so many lessons on metamorphosis.
  • There is little point in learning metamorphosis outside of pvp and utility.
  • Yep. We don't recommend metamorphosis in Eleusis because Thrust is the better bashing attack. sort of unfortunate that it's the third skillset because many people do the same as you did. The lessons aren't wasted though. From memory Thrust didn't scale with skirmishing skillrank, so you just need to embrace class, get thrust and you're good to go.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Krzzack said:
    makes me wonder what was the point of spending so many lessons on metamorphosis.
    Because Eagle (for Track) is bae.
  • Thanks.  I've tried thrust and it's a definite improvement.  Early on I was asking around which morph was best for fighting and I got a lot of definite but not very consistent opinions.  I wish somebody had said "They are all the same - go for thrust!",  since I pretty much concluded the are all the same and had been using a claw attack because it built rage fastest (same as thrust).  I assume they are all the same on defense, too, but it wasn't easy to tell that.  I may as well fight as humanoid me?
  • Sentinel morphs aren't actually a physical morph in the first place. RPwise that means you don't change your appearance at all, and mechanicswise it means the only real difference between them is which abilities you gain access to.
  • Always reminds me of that Vixen character from the DC universe. Especially considering how abilities that messes with animal spirit bonding can take you out of metamorphosis. 

    Do those knuckle arties that increase maul/tekura damage make metamorphosis hunting somewhat comparable to skirmishing? I've always wondered that.
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  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Krzzack said:
    I assume they are all the same on defense, too, but it wasn't easy to tell that.
    There is no PvE "defensive" morph, no. You'll want to activate Vitality/Temperance/Resistance from a relevant morph for hunting purposes, though.

    Sloth morph has a very slow balance recovery, for obvious flavour reasons. (Do all other morphs have identical balance recovery times? I'm not aware anyone's actually tested and reported that!)
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