Aurora Rising : A sanctuary of wholesomeness

Feel free to rest at this bonfire before venturing on.

We have all read about Aurora and her daughter, and it is fucking terrible. With heavy hearts we have written our remembrances in one thread, donated to help her daughter in another. They are both lovely gestures but I think we, as a community, can do one more thing that everyone can contribute regardless of financial situation or actual knowing Aurora.

Welcome to the positivity thread. It is no secret that both Aurora and her daughter are going through hell at the moment and will continue to do so for a time. As such, let this thread be a place that they can find reprieve even if it is for a couple of moments. I want to see rainbows, I want to see unicorns, I want to see the most wholesome memes, I want to see pandas sneezing and Chris Hemsworth being molested by puppies. I want to collect all the good things in the world in one thread so whenever anyone feels overwhelmed they can come here and just forget about it and be reminded of all the good things going on.


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