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INT/Telepathy monk viable?

ReynaldoReynaldo Member Posts: 6
Reynaldo was my first character in Achaea many, many years ago. I remember being a Lotus monk, an Ebonfist...I seem to have eventually switched to Jester as that looks to be my current class.

But I remember some of my most fond memories in this game was using Telepathy to control other players or beat them down from afar. Tekura was great for hunting but I never much enjoyed tracking limbs in PvP.

Would it be viable to return and reincarnate into a Grook with high INT, focusing solely on using Telepathy in combat?

Thank you for any answers. Looking forward to returning.

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  • NazihkNazihk Member Posts: 985 @ - Epic Achaean
    Austere said:
    One on one? Not really.  Tekura pretty much required. Even capped out on arties, the only people you're killing with straight kaido and telepathy aren't the kinda people to be proud of killing.  You can use high int monk one on one but the requirement for tekura is there.  Also, the bashing high int is balls (More so than the already crummy monk).

    Raiding and group:  high int is obscene and people will grow to hate you. 
    In Imperian I got Mind Crush made into a bashing ability because it was so rewarding for monks to build for high int builds. Something like that might be worth trying here. 
  • ReynaldoReynaldo Member Posts: 6
    Austere said:
    Also, the bashing high int is balls (More so than the already crummy monk).

    Raiding and group:  high int is obscene and people will grow to hate you. 

    Did something change? I remember Monks being the hands down best bashing class.

    I could go for being hated in raiding and group PvP. :) I greatly enjoyed my time with the Ebonfist.
  • ArmaliArmali Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 1,043 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Hopefully with classleads that can be changed!
  • ReynaldoReynaldo Member Posts: 6
    Kythra said:
    Yeah monk was too good at everything. So now it's too good at almost everything.

    Monk and SnB are the worst hunters
    SnB? Apologies, I've been gone awhile so some of the acronyms are lost on me. Did they nerf monk bashing or boost others? What are the best bashing classes? Dragon is still a dream of mine.
  • KythraKythra Member Posts: 283 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    A knight type. Dual cutting, dual blunt, sword and shield (SnB), 2h. There's quite a lot of threads right now of people asking the best hunting classes so just browse about. But essentially if you're unartied then Runewarden 2h or dual cutting is the best. If you're way artied then serpent or bard.
  • SenaSena Member Posts: 3,926 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    edited July 2017
    Reynaldo said:
    Did they nerf monk bashing or boost others?
    A massive bashing overhaul that changed every class. For the most part, classes are much more balanced now when it comes to bashing, though there are a couple outliers on both ends of the scale.
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