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Logged back in after years - stuck in a diving bell?

RujikaRujika Member Posts: 3
I just logged in to my character 'Rujika', I've not been in Achaea for absolutely ages, probably years.

I find that my character is at the location 'Within a diving bell' and there are no exits. I don't remember anything about a ship or a diving bell, but it's been a while. How do I get out of here, or reset to somewhere on land?


  • RujikaRujika Member Posts: 3
    Ah! Someone helped - I'm not stuck any more. Yay!
  • NylianNylian Member Posts: 120 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    I wonder if past you thought that would be a funny joke, to log out in a diving bell. :D
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