Who Will be Playing "Starmourn" from IRE?

Just spent the last bit of my night reading every single word about the upcoming MUD from IRE, "Starmourn", and I think I'm going to lose sleep until I get to play it.
Been waiting for a decent sci-fi MUD since before I even found Achaea; problem is most are unpopulated.
The lore already seems deep and the races are insanely detailed. 

Anyone else already planning on getting into this? Would be awesome to have another populated MUD to play from IRE.



  • I am super excited to try Starmourn out, but since I'm already so committed to Achaea, I won't be able to get very involved in Starmourn. I would just be dabbling a bit. 
  • I'm mostly interested to see how it changes the population of the other IRE games. They aren't going to suddenly attract 500 new daily players.

  • I'm in the same camp as Antonius. I've no time to look into another MUD, especially with the way learning, lessons, and skills are designed and too much invested in Achaea to permanently retire Sobby. I'd be keen to see what it does do to the population of the IRE MUDS in general

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  • I don't even think it is viable to start a new mud now but I am not IRE. The industry feels sunset to me. And yeah unless it is radically better or different, else it is just Achaea mechanics changed labels. Personally I think Achaea will be more enjoyable with more players. Also haven't seen Facebook ads from IRE at all...
  • I'll give it a shot but my heart is always going to be in Achaea, I think.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    I may retire a character (not Achilles) to explore the new game.  I barely have time to play Achilles so not sure it will work out.
  • I'll definitely give it a try out of curiosity, but knowing myself, it seems it's unlikely I'll stick with it. It would have to be very different than existing IRE (instead of just a sci-fi reskin) to make me interested enough to invest the time, money, and coding for yet another IRE, especially an uncertain one. If the political systems and combat systems feel noticeably different and time/investment barriers to participate are lower, not saying I might not be interested though.

    My main fear on Starmourn is that it might just end up as 'just another IRE' with a thinly disguised version of the same herb/tree/focus thing that every other IRE I have played have had, and a small playerbase to boot once the initial excitement in the game wears off. If so, I'd rather stick with the two IRE games I currently play, instead of paying to get more of the same. Hopefully Starmourn's creators will try something new with lower entry barriers, especially as far as lesson learning goes, and less emphasis on coding on combat.

    But in all honesty, with dwindling playerbases in all IRE, I'd almost rather they merge all IRE games back into one super IRE game instead of making new ones.
  • Super IRE is the way to go @Bors, I like where your mind is at. Like you can enter different 'realities', while being the same person, but your entire self changes as you go from realm to realm. 

    To answer the question though, no, I don't see a situation where I'll have the desire to risk an investment of my time or money in a maybe. They've gone belly-up in the past.

    Also there's no real solution to the necessity of 'recycling' players. There's no new source of players, it's gone down overall obviously, so any new game is just another avenue through which they can try to get the current playerbase to pony up some more cash. There might be some people here and there who swap over outright, a huge mistake imo, because of the 'shiny' factor but that's just transferring fake money from one fake bank to another. The overall influx is still stagnant.

    I don't see how you could viably believe it's a good decision to open up another branch of your business without ensuring a plan for a necessary increase in the highest priority commodity to a game... players.
  • I don't think I will be playing the new game, too much invested in Achaea. However, I am worried that it will reduce the current playerbase Achaea has, making it feel even smaller than it already is.
  • I heard rumors that retire credits won't work there. If true, that definitely significantly lessens my excitement for it.
  • Retire credits wont work for the initial launch, from when I pursued this line of questioning. They don't want gatecrashers coming out with 10+k credits ready. I imagine retirement credits will work after a certain point.
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
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    I completely missed Kythra's comment so basically got ninja'd by my own blindness.

    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
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    I am excited. From the general feel of the information being drip fed through development it will have a much grittier/mature edge to it. That's really up my alley RP-wise.

    edit: mature not meaning mudsex all day every day. That's why we have Aetolia 
  • in my mind, it seems like a money grab on existing players than any real drive at growth.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    As far as lore goes, and what little we know so far of mechanics, it definitely seems interesting and I definitely will give it a try. Just... yeah. I don't really want Achaea's playerbase to shrink even more, and for Starmourn to be successful, I feel like thats almost what has to happen. 

    But who knows.

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  • Aralaya said:
    plot twist: Starmourn kills Aardwolf
    For that, let's do it!
  • I may try it out. Surely star ships will be cheaper than ships here!  B)
    Give us -real- shop logs! Not another misinterpretation of features we ask for, turned into something that either doesn't help at all, or doesn't remotely resemble what we wanted to begin with.


    Current position of some of the playerbase, instead of expressing a desire to fix problems:

    Vhaynna: "Honest question - if you don't like Achaea or the current admin, why do you even bother playing?"

  • Retirement credits aren't going to be usable at the start? Well that really kills any excitement I had. Probably still check it out but that seems like they just want a huge influx of cash from people having to buy credits instead of carrying them over.
  • I am interested as hell in Starmourn, and if it's possible to get to reasonable strength quickly over there on just the Iron Elite, I am so in.

    Otherwise, meh. Too much money to get into it, otherwise.
  • Ahmet said:
    Darktalon said:
    Retirement credits aren't going to be usable at the start? Well that really kills any excitement I had. Probably still check it out but that seems like they just want a huge influx of cash from people having to buy credits instead of carrying them over.
    Honestly, this seems like a good idea. No buyer's remorse with people thinking 'ooh cool new scifi mud leggo' and then finding out they hate it (or even just prefer something else) and just lost 75% of their credits.
    Can't hand hold everyone. There are steps to retiring and if people choose to spend their credits, that is their own fault. You can try the game without spending them and decide instead of just rushing over and dropping everything you have into a character.
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    Not enough people play the games to allow for a bunch of people to quit like that.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • Antonius and Atalkez said it perfectly.

    Starmourn looks interesting. I'll certainly give it a try. But I think its going to be Dead On Arrival. Sci-Fi muds never do especially well. I'd personally rather see the energy and resources being devoted to this new game channeled into Achaea and the other IRE properties, many of which seem to be suffering and chronically understaffed. Drawing away existing players from the games with dwindling bases is spreading the butter a bit thin over the bread.

    If Starmourn is to be successful, its going to have offer something unique. Something like Achaea's seafaring system, maybe with space ships. If that "special something" is hidden behind a pay/grind wall the way it is on Achaea, I'm not sure its going to hold players long enough to remain viable. Minia with lasers just ain't that compelling.
  • To answer the question, yes, I will try it. But I strongly agree with Kez's post directly above this. I probably won't make it out of the tutorial if I look at their payment model/artefacts and it's abysmal.

    I already retired once, and have spent maybe $30 on Solnir ever since. I don't intend on spending the kind of money I did on my retiree on any game ever again... much less one where a text sword can be $254.99... for a level 2. If you take a step back and think about that.. ouch. That's more than my car payment.

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