Clods of Reddish Clay

I've been away for so long everything on my person disintegrated. I spent the last 12 hours scouring the Zaphar river for a clod of reddish clay for Murad but I have not been successful. The only things in the river are sticks and ferns and I even tried gathering clay using my gathering skill but it isn't accepted by Murad as they are lumps of red clay instead of his desired, "clods of reddish clay." I'm slowing going insane here. Has something changed since my absence? Or have I just been unlucky? 


  • There's a specific room that particular lump of clay is in, if I remember correctly. You definitely won't need the gathering skill to pick it up. It was either in a room just north of the river, or a room through a down exit on the river, I can't remember specifically, unfortunately.
  • Thanks for the quick response! I can confirm that there are no down exits on the Zaphar from the hillside source of the river all the way down to the ocean. I've checked all adjacent exits to the river and they all either lead up into different towns/cities (like Delos) or out of the river into the surrounding forests. I also checked for hidden rooms that might lead down but to no avail. 

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    The down exit might be hidden. Perhaps try going DOWN in each room as you go.
    Huh. Neat.
  • Yeah, it is in a hidden down not too far south of Delos if I remember right. The blademaster quest is one of those that is begging for assistance but because of the Achaean 'don't tell anyone any thing about quests' code no one likes to help.
  • Many thanks! I think I was being pulled downstream before my search for hidden exits completed which explains how my previous sweeps didn't work. You guys are the best.
  • @Ahiru

    I don't know if they'll get pissy about posting quest information publically, even if it is the stupid blademaster quest, so I sent you the specific rooms in a message, just in case you either haven't found it yet or want to redo the quest to get a new name.

    I'm only posting this in this thread so that you know to check check your messages.
  • When I was a newbie blademaster there was a guy (couldn't remember his name .. oops) who helped me get the materials I needed. I really see no problem with that, you're just helping a new player.
  • When I did this quest, a couple of guys helped me. I don’t remember their names. I remember one of them could fly because he offered to fly me back. :)
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