New Depthswalker Combat Questions


I am new to Achaea and to the Depthswalker class. I am trying to get into a bit of combat, but I am having a few issues on where to start. I have recieved a few tips on Depthswalker combat, but I was hoping I might be able to get some tips or information from a few other people. 

What are the most useful skills in combat?

Are there any skills that compliment each other really well?

How about available combos? (able to use on the same bal/eq) if there are any...

Any other useful tips would be greatly appreciated as well.


  • They're not Depthswalker specific abilities, but the Health Inspector trait removes the balance/equilibrium cost from the ASSESS ability (tells you target's current and maximum health), so you can use that before any other abilities.

    You can also use the CONTEMPLATE ability (tells you target's current and maximum mana) while off balance, even though it consumes equilibrium, so you can use it after your reap (if you're not using equilibrium for anything else, which most of the time you won't be).

    That all means that you can ASSESS/SHADOW REAP/CONTEMPLATE all in one combo, to get current health (before the reap damage applies) and current mana, alongside giving your afflictions. That should help with timing when to use things like SHADOW MUTILATE and DICTATE.

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