Give 20 seconds between the user disconnecting and character itself disconnecting.

I'm not really sure how to phrase it better, but okay.

As a Blowtorch user it crashes occasionally especially if it has to handle large amounts of output in one burst. The annoying thing is how my character's defenses are all gone when I log back in 10 seconds later. If I recall correctly, runes on me also fade away.

I think 20 seconds would be a better option - during this time you are not attackable unless the person has performed an aggressive act on you in the last minute. You are put in a transition state between disconnect and logout, where you keep your defenses and everything else.

Besides, I'm not sure how the combat system works here but I'm fairly sure that with the current short window between user disconnect and character disconnect, some players can escape PK deaths this way? 


  • DCing and getting owned in a raid sounds like a big reason to say no to this.

    Also QQing to escape combat is illegal.
  • Good point ... so since QQing to escape combat is illegal anyways, what about being totally invulnerable during that transition state? 
  • Blowtorch is bad. :(
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  • I assume this is a different type of DC?, as we have config timeout to help deal unexpected disconnects.

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  • When blowtorch crashes, it sends a disconnect message of some kind to every connection that is active, effectively QQ'ing the characters in all the connections.
  • I'm sure it's annoying, but you make the choice to play on your phone using an app that has a tendency to crash. I don't think development time should be wasted on accommodating that.
  • On that note are there any decent mud clients for mobile? The client on eats 2/3 of the screen, Mukluk randomly disconnects if I swap tab, and I love blowtorches ease in making keybinds but it non stop crashes.
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    I used Lensdroid on my last phone (s4), and bMudclient on my s6. Lendroid you have to do a little more set-up to get the zoom right, but bMudclient works perfectly without any real fuss, once you figure out where to connect and etc.
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  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I use Pocket MUD on my phone but I don't like playing on my mobile in general. 
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  • Logging in on my phone gives me a headache. But that's probably because I don't read words anymore. COLOR CODE ALL THE THINGS
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