Missing lines from AFFLICTION SHOW?

Howdy, folks. WunderSys' pretty affliction echoes don't work on afflictions read from GMCP. I've got that mostly fixed, with one major issue in that several afflictions don't have a definite message that I could pick up from AFFLICTION SHOW.

I have a spreadsheet hosted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dQZdvR9iZziPyMzuBI_R48L_EPQ1ZYIDwF_KHN_skXo/edit?usp=sharing which has a list of all the afflictions via AFFLICTION LIST and all the messages that are available there.

My question is: what would everyone recommend I use for the rest of the lines? I know WunderSys has triggers for some of the afflictions, but they're specific enough in their language that they could potentially look weird depending on the source of the affliction. If anyone would like to provide any advice (or add relevant lines themselves, the spreadsheet is open to editing), I'd really appreciate it. Once I've got all the lines, my GitHub repository's version of WunderSys will be up to date with all the missing afflictions.

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