What exactly get dropped from my hands when I log out?

I'm not entirely certain what I have to put into my pack/rift before logging out. I'm level 18 right now and I notice that I don't get these things back when I log after hitting 31 so I'd like to be 100% clear on exactly what I can hold in my hands when I log and what I can't. 


  • Anything that can go into your rift will fall out. So will things like npc/player bodies.
  • You can INR ALL before you QQ and it'll store everything riftable ;)
  • Riftable items - herbs and minerals, commodities, reagents and ingredients - are the main ones. I'm pretty sure that they'll fall out when you log out, even if they're in some other container, including letters and parcels. If somebody mails you some commodities, you'll lose them if you log out. (I know this is definitely true if you die, but not 100% sure it also happens on log out.) Then you also have corpses - both player and denizens - as Kiet mentioned. Quest items will also fall out of your inventory, and I think collared mounts (but not regular minipets) still do as well.

    You'll also drop all of those things from your inventory (and non-rift containers) when you die. You'll also drop any gold that's not stored in a container (i.e. any gold that you're just holding in your hands) when you die, but not when you log out.

  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    Thanks, that clears things up. 
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