How do you use these banners?

KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
I'm not sure how to get these banners working. Nothing I get from the BANNERCODE command seems to work when put into my signature. What am I missing? 


  • It seems that images aren't allowed in signatures any more, so you can't use the banner.
  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    I see people with banners detailing their character level and other stats? How are they using those? 
  • Images were allowed until recently, so they've had the banners since before the change.
  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    Ah I see, thanks. 
  • Images in signatures are terrible and everybody who has one should feel bad for having one.
  • Sena said:
    images aren't allowed in signatures any more
    This is the type of benevolent tyranny these forums need!
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