Shikudo Combat

edited June 2017 in The Matsuhama Arena
Hey everyone! Been trying out the new skill set for monks and so far I really like it! Though it could be massively confusing for some. I was hoping to start this thread to help out those that want to learn this new skill better. What I have got from experimenting with this is that takes typical monk combat and more turns it into a more momentum based and affliction based form with some limb breaks in to try and land either Crescent, dispatch or build enough kai from maelstrom to go for a quick deliverance and such. The main problem I keep coming across is the transition between the forms to try and get the afflictions to stick or to secure the proper damage needed on each limb. If anyone has any help for this it would be great!


  • Theres already a Shikudo thread with over 100 comments on it. I advise scrolling through there. Also, can speak with me IG when you see me and i can tell you what Ive learned so far. 
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