Descriptions Wanted 1.0 REMASTERED

Hey guys! So, the past descriptions thread seems to have pattered to a slow death. But it had some really cool stuff in there, I loved reading all of the stuff that people wrote and came up with to make their character as real as possible. So, here's a new thread (that hopefully won't die) for descriptions (character, artefacts, pets, houses, clothing, literally anything described in detail), however with a little dash of  (I think) fun rules (totally optional)! Just to keep it productive and add some OOC inspiration to enrich IC roleplay. There's been a lot of salt from IC roleplay, let's add some sugar, baby. 

1. When you post a description, include where you got inspiration! What is your muse? How did you figure out what you wanted to write?!?
2. Find something in your description that was added purely from some sort of roleplay interaction and explain what happened and why it made you add it somewhere that people could see. If you have a log of that roleplay, heck yes post a pastebin/whatever link, man!
3. Do you have any goals for the future of that description? Tell us about them! What is something you want to do in the future that will make a change to that description. And if you don't have one, that's totally fine - just add a comment about someone else's change in description that you admire. 
4. If you want to, help someone out with theirs! They miss a letter in a word? Point it out! Are they lacking in content but have so much room for cool stuff? Suggestion the hell out of them with cool pictures and videos and what have you so they can finish that one final line. 
5. Find somewhere in your description that can be super wacky and totally un-Achaean Aches and just write it. Gdi, go nuts with this one. 

And in the spirit of something idk, I'll go first. 

Here's my current description of Verquisse. 

He is a winged atavian, a rather slim, if not willowy, caramel-hued specimen. He stands no higher than six feet, his height causing his lack of noteworthy muscle mass to appear more prominent. Slightly upturned, his chilling cerulean eyes are set below slightly thick, angled eyebrows, their serene quality only enhanced by their magnified state behind a pair of thick glasses. The youth's visage is constructed of sharp and angular lines, his defined jawline tapering to a softly-rounded chin and causing his slim nose to appear quite dainty. High cheekbones go so far as to cause his cheeks to hollow slightly, further accentuating his svelte countenance. His thick, shapely lips are naturally downturned, serving to morph even his most apathetic expression into one of faux irritation. Extremely kinky and thick, his shoulder length, dark brown hair remains rather volumnious and billowy, oft swaying with his every movement. Inked in a shimmering jet-black, a small symbol of the alchemical element of quintessence adorns the center of Verquisse's throat. His towering wings of various nut-brown coloured feathers measure taller than himself, the occasional twitch and flutter attesting their usefulness. 

1. I got my inspiration from pretty much everywhere. Verq's base (skin tone, build, hair) is a lot like mine (his fro is bigger and more slack). There's also a splash of beautifully cold, which I got from the mountains. It's beautiful up there but you also feel like you truly are just a little spec of dust in a huge world, and Verq reflects this by having some semblance of what I feel is beautiful (from male and female sources, if that wasn't obvious) but also this off-ness about him, like there's something under the surface that you can't really see that makes him look at everyone like they're a spec of dust next to his grandeur.

2. Definitely the tattoo. When I was first getting into combat, I took a bounty on a guy (I forgot his name, sadly) and he absolutely wrecked me the first time around. Being me, I kind of whined a bit in Discord, gave a log, and after some advice from really cool people both IC and OOC, I lasted much longer the second time around and actually challenged him more (I never killed him, though.) Before that, though, I was talking to Zanders  (may he live a good life away from Achaea) about switching to an easier, non-aff class. We sparred a few times until I finally beat him twice in a row and while he was mad, he told me that I was getting better and that my progress was good, so I was like "Bump my noise, I'm sticking with alchie until I'm so good people learn about me like they learn about Jhui and Proficy and Aegoth and Farrah (and the list goes on and on, but they're all really good combatants)." And I added the tattoo to commemorate that promise to myself/promise that Verquisse made. 

3. Add some more Evil influence. I'm just now realizing I forgot the escarbuncle, but I want more "look at me, I'm a powerful soldier of Mhaldor!!" First I have to get more into Mhaldor, though. Place is so clique-y I'm all alone right now, lol. But yea, I hope to add more Evil influence through rituals and progression and stuff. 

4. ????

5. Extremely kinky and thick, his booty length, bright purple hair remains rather volumnious and billowy, oft swaying with every movement of the sea, as if the very powers of the moon itself held control over his overgrown garden. An occasional, robotic peep could be heard from the mass of majestic hair, courtesy of the Android put bull that had taken residence within. The smell of hot burritos is constantly emitted from the wild tangles, smoke billowing from the very end before a mass of chimichangas erupted out of his split ends every few minutes. 


  • Of course, if you want to just post feedback or comments, do so! Let's just keep the salt out of here. 
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